The Bar turned 10 and man do I miss Louie!

Bar 595 turned 10 last weekend and to mark the occasion we did some cleaning and re-organization of the crap. First thing was to clean all of the glassware, Polish the silver wine buckets (going high class now) wash the votive candle holders and other stuff that we have amassed over the many years. On a side note we did find a Bob Marley sleef that was in a ziplock but we aren’t the smoking kind so we threw it away 😦 Maybe the trash guy will have a better day if he finds it!
Anyway as I was cleaning I happened across a pair of champagne flutes from another bar that had a 10 year anniversary from back in the day named Sleep Out Louies. I am going to date myself here as downtown has a ton more residents than it did in the early 90’s but Man did we have some fun at Sleep Outs! From the Blue Beats on Friday night to Susan P making bloody mary’s that would raise the dead to Sean delivering “water” to a now deceased attorney THOSE were the days! From Pookie the dancing chef to Carol R asking us if we wanted Pubic hair in our beer to even the hundred dollar liars poker games…Ok I will stop now! Anyway Louie is gone and we have a steak house in it’s place, I know that there are those who still curse the owner for rebranding it but times are different. Anyway let me hoist a glass in Louie’s name still home of the one hole men’s restroom!

That is just the wine glasses

Has it been that long?

Still have our ties from the bar Mine is the far left and Mrs CBT’s is on the far right.
Good thing I married her or we would have to have joint custody of them!

Shiney purty wine buckets!

For those who recognize the green bar mat I did not steal that!

Got to fire up a cold one for this post!


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