That Turkey was "Call Central America Good!"

If you have ever fought crime with me you know that I have a unique list of sayings when describing something. I mean a corn dish that I tried this past summer wasn’t just good it was “Slap yo Momma Good!” My super hero TonyB has a list that are even better than mine such as my favorite “It is walk across a street filled with broken glass barefoot to go eat there!” when he was talking about a popular Chicago hot dog joint. Well we can now add another one to the CBT arsenal as if something is ‘that’ good and you tried a virgin recipe on a major holiday un-tested it is “You called Central America on the phone to thank them for the recipe!”
I will post the recipe at the bottom and trust me it is “that easy” as Cindy told it to me last Turkey day when I was cooking the chickens for the “BBQ Sauce off” down in Belize. By the way hey Ruthie who won that contest again?

The Nephew was helping me with the list and looked at me like I was drinking my “Cold Pops” already when he asked me about the first item on the list
Come on Uncle CBT, A T-shirt Turkey?

I know that it isn’t Bacon but there is nothing sexier than 2 pounds of butter about to get melted is there?

And for those who ate at the CBT no it wasn’t the shirt that I wore when I did my 5 mile morning run.

Honey Lipitor is on the phone for you

Sadly I didn’t take any “During” pictures but this is the bird resting and that is 4 pounds of butter in the bottom of that roasting pan!

Ba carving up that beast!

Yes….it was me!

Take a white t-shirt and cut a big enough piece to fit over the entire top of the turkey. Melt four gallons (ok maybe not) of butter and dip the t-shirt into the butter. Place it on top of the turkey. (you can put a stalk of celery, an orange, or stuffing inside the turkey if you want)

Baste the t-shirt every 1/2 hour with some of your four gallons of butter. take the t-shirt off the last half hour to brown the top.



Renita and Cindy
San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Belize, CA
In Belize 501-226-2986 US and Canada 1-800-631-9834

— On Mon, 11/23/09, CBT wrote:

From: CBT

Subject: Turkey recipe
To: “Cindy and Renita”
Date: Monday, November 23, 2009, 4:36 PM

Didn’t you tell me about cooking the Turkey with a T-shirt? If so can you tell me again as I have forgotten and if not no I have not stated drinking (yet)!




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