ARTJamN aka Painting for Dumbeez!

You know when you are sitting around a table and someone says “I have an idea for X” but those plans never materialize or that is the last time you hear about it? Well this is not the case as our good friend Maria Parham is about to open a business that has gone from drawing board to now turn the key and flip on the switch cuz we are fixin to be in bidness!
ARTJamN is a unique studio/concept in the Cooper/Young district that Maria is about to open and thankfully Momma and I were invited one night last week for a Guinea Pig test/review. The concept is to take someone who doesn’t know jack$hit about art (Hello my name is Carbunkle Trumpet) and in 2 hours with instruction and advice “POOF” call me Michelangelo Carbunkle Trumpet! Maria allows her ‘junior artists’ to either paint freestyle or follow along with a instructions and paint a model. I must admit it is a little intimidating at first but when you add some beer that you can bring in, pizza from Lou’s, a bunch of friends, Maria’s instructions and her advice it is actually pretty easy.
Momma chose to go off grid and did a holiday painting while I (again I didn’t know that yellow and blue make green) chose to paint the model that ironically was a painting called “I am Tipsy”. I can tell you that now that I have done this I have a HUGE appreciation for anyone who throws some paint on a canvas as that stuff isn’t as easy as it looks.

No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is yours truly painting!
John C and Maria Parham

Adri is painting one of Josh’s favorite teams logo’s
“Psst, Adri it should have been a dirty bird!”

Momma’s painting – Oh and she ‘claims’ she can’t paint $hit. WHATEVER!

I shall name it “The Kramer!”
Best of luck to you Maria, you have accomplished more by following through than many others and I wish ARTJamN all the best in 2010!


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