CBT where the hell have you been?

Yeah I know that I have become that guy who has a blog but doesn’t write anything but in my defense I have been kinda busy. After turkey day, we took a cruise, spent the holidays with friends and Santa brought me some new underwear so I have neglected my 3 readers but now I am back! We did a cruise on the Norwegian Pearl and yes we were in the death cabin and thankfully I am still here to report on it. Our stops were Samana, DR, St. Thomas, Tortola and NCL’s private island but as I told someone we could have circled Key West I didn’t care!

Miami Port I knew we were in for something when they delivered a generator that we would later find out was to charge all of the rascals or hovarounds!
You can sing along if you want to “The Love Boat, soon will be making another…”

You don’t have to tell me twice!

Cool shot of Miami and the Carnival Destiny (that Momma and I got married on 13 years ago)

Momma aka Gilligan and Weed playing poolside blackjack!

Pretty much sums it up for me!

WTF happened here why is that wine glass broken?

Matty is throwing Maria under the “She spilled it Bus!”

Is that a little bar off in the distance?

Hey Smales my dingy is bigger than you boat!

Well if you have to do something, you might as well enjoy a sunset!

Got to meet up with Doty in St. Thomas!

Smells like Chicken!

I hate Megan’s Bay!

Sucks doesn’t it?

I mean why the hell are we here, let’s get back on the ship!

Atop the mountain and “Hey look I can see our boat!”

Hmm, I have an idea!

Jan, Gail, Spurs, Dita, Bill, Becky, AJ Bee and Ruthie this one is for you – “Hey Look a Chicken!”

Momma hated the trip as you can see!

And don’t think that we didn’t try to steal one of those suckers, hell we bet “someone” that she needed to ride “reverse cowboy” on one with Pappy at the wheel!

Chocolate Cowboy wasn’t any fun!

Nice Speedo!

Yep we were in the Death Cabin!

Why do I always have pictures taken with bar staff? Strange….
A good time was had by all!



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