Look what was in those boxes that were in my mothers attic

So get a call from my mother that I ‘really’ need to get these boxes out of her attic as she needs the space to hoard more crap that I will have to go through when she eventually dies. I agree to get them and it is stuff from their East Memphis home back in the early 90’s as she now lives in Bordova. I throw them into the family truckster and the other night I go through them and find old school annuals, pictures from various grade and High School dances and other stuff that highlights that acne era of your life. I did get a kick out of some of the pictures and all I am saying is that RxBambi better be nice to me or I may have to send Otin some pics for blackmail! Anyway I come across 2 autographs that I have not seen in years and I must say, I am still impressed that I now have them again and I am sure that if I ever need some “get out of town money” I know that I can sell one of them to any certain Bama fan!

Yes that does read “To John, Best Wishes Paul Bear Bryant” and what is even more special is that it is written on a Liberty Bowl program which was his last bowl game he coached in.
And I know that he lisps on ESPN and has coke bottle thick glasses but that cocktail napkin reads “To John, always believe in yourself, God, your family and the Hogs! Lou Holtz”
The significance about that autograph was that it was back in 1979 when Arkansas beat Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange bowl.



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