Another Decade has come and gone, we will miss…

You remember the fears of Y2K and panic that the world would end? I still can’t believe that it has been 10 years, time flies! I was reading something on line about the people who we have lost this past decade and the top 10 most important events and it got me thinking. Brother Mike K., Billy, momma and I were discussing the various establishments that have closed in the past 10 years and I am sorry if I left some off but here goes;

Gone but not forgotten Bars/Restaurants and Businesses (in no particular order)
  • Sleep Out Louies
  • Wolf’s Corner
  • Erikas
  • Mikes BBQ on Monroe
  • World News on Monroe
  • Dick’s Last Resort
  • The Original Raifords
  • Have a nice Day cafe
  • Jullians
  • Encore
  • Pat O Briens
  • Blue Monkey/South End Location
  • Gordon Bierch/Breckenridge
  • All those failed restaurants in the Blue Fin location
  • Harpos
  • Number one Beale
  • Andertons
  • Cafe 61
  • Panchos
  • Peabody Place as a whole
  • Heavenly Hoagie (where did Pete go does anyone know?)
  • The Beer Joint
  • Automatic Slims when KBC ran it
  • City Grocery
  • Franks Liquors

Gone but not forgotten People (rest in peace my friends)

  • Jack Marlow
  • Madison “Mighty” Quinn
  • Thomas Boggs
  • John P McNicholas Esq
  • Silver
  • Bobby Fisher
  • Rudy Ceritto
  • Momma Kasaftes
  • John Grief Sr
  • Paisano
  • Jill Thomas
  • Brother Vincent Malahan, FCS
  • John V Lavecchia
  • Israel Daniels

I still to this day miss that crazy bastard!

The former Blue Monkey and the wonderful girls who ran it!

Who would have thought that the previous occupant played Blues music and served beer in quarts!

I wonder how many livers were killed here!
Here is to the next decade and Happy New Year!
I apologize now as I know as soon as I hit [Publish Post] I will remember someone.

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