You may refer to Mrs CBT as Consuella from now on.

So momma and I are relaxing and enjoying our Vodka Martini’s when she informs me that she wants to make Tamales this weekend. Given that is going to cold as crap and I have not turned away a meal I agree and so off she goes to gather the ingredients as I pop open a Dos Equis. She has all of the stuff with the exception of the corn husks so off I go to the Asian market in hopes of finding them. On a side note if you are bored and want to be entertained call the Gangster Kroger on Cleavland and ask Junior Mint if they have corn husks and get transferred to the produce department – Quite funny talking to them. Anyway I find them and thankfully don’t get carjacked so back to the house I go.
Now to make the meat filling you have to (sorry Ruthie) boil a pork shoulder and a whole chicken for 2 hours. Once you have that done then you go to shredding it and that sucks but I later used the food processor and the meat came out pretty good.
You will need to soak the husks in water and then make your masa which looks a lot like peanut butter. When you are ready spread some Masa on a dried corn husk, add some meat and roll that sucker like a Bob Marley Spleef (or Musicfest) and then get the steamer ready.
Steam for 2 hours using chicken broth and then you are good to go.
All in all it takes 2 days and is very labor intensive but you end up with a $hitload of them that are now in the freezer waiting for me to thaw and serve.

Masa ready for some meat
shredded chicken and pork that was (again) sorry Ruthie boiled

Look at my little green card searching wife (as I drink another Dos Equis)

The recipe (when I wasn’t updating my Facebook status)

Fixing to roll our own

If momma doesn’t make it in Real Estate she could be a good cigar roller

About to have a steam

Frozen love in a Vacuum bag!
Oh and for those still here that have not drooled on their keyboard THAT SHIT WAS THE BOMB!
Tune in next week as we test our 12 year marriage when we make Ravioli and I drink Peroni beer!



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