Foam Ringing at 595

One of my faults (other than being devilish handsome) is that I am a semi food hoarder, not like those freaks on TV mind you, but if I see a deal I will purchase something in bulk. My mantra has always been “we will use it” well after doing some organization I have come to the realization that we need to use what we have before we go to the store again. A couple items that I found in the freezer was a bag of 9 chicken wings, some frostbitten hamburger patties and some buns. I put my finger to my head and say “I wonder what Sonny ‘Balls’ Wilson would do?” That’s it! Tonight will be Alex’s Tavern night at 595!
For those of you who don’t know what I speak of, Alex’s tavern is the oldest Tavern in the city and is located in the crime-free Evergreen district near the old crosstown Sears Building. Alex Kasaftes opened it 56 (I think) years ago and it was a place for the men to go in the afternoon while supper was being cooked to visit and have a cold one. It has evolved into a great venue to watch football, hang out with friends and the menu has been pretty simple – Burgers, Wings and Chicken Tenders. Rocky (Alex’s son) is the owner and chief bottle washer and has been a good friend to both me and Mrs CBT. If you have never been, give it a try.

Gotta go in the back by the patio
Sonny Wilson – Sadly he no longer works there but not a day doesn’t go by that I don’t miss him!

Added some ‘kick’ to it thanks to tacogirl
Yep that is butter chunks in the Hot Sauce!

Thaw them sucker out and cover them with Cavenders Greek Seasoning!

Oh this will clear your sinuses out!

On the flat top cook those burgers till they are ‘oh so good’!

I used a pre cooked wing as normally you should fry them but then they go into the Hot Sauce of love

Again normally it is served on a Styrofoam plate and a beer cup is cut into half for the dressing but you have to improvise

I bet that Tacogirl and Ruthie are drying out their keyboards as they have drooled on them

You know you have a good and hot wing sauce when your head is sweating, eyes watering and tomorrow morning you will be singing “Ring of Fire”
Love the Tavern and the Rock-Mo Greek burger!


  1. Did you know that you can get peppermint oil capsules and they will cool your ring of fire. You know when you eat a mint and you suck through your lips and you get that cool sensation..well it takes a bit of getting used to at the other end..but it is quite nice really….xx colette


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