You may refer to Mrs CBT as the Gnocchi queen too!

Well after Momma made those wonderful Tamales when she informed me that she was going to try her hand at making sweet potato gnocchi I was more than happy to clear the crap off of the kitchen counter and fire up some Peroni Beer. Gnocchi is considered a soft noodle or dumpling and is made with the same type of flour that pasta is made with (Durham or Semolina) according to Mr Wikipedia. When she said she wanted sweet potatoes I was like ok, knock yourself out, I am intrigued. I come downstairs and sure enough there are those little pinkie sized dumplings of love and in the saute pan is looking like a pomodoro sauce which makes sense. Well let me tell you again THAT SHIT ROCKED THE HOUSE! Defiantly a recipe keeper! I better get my but in gear or Momma will be taking my title as head Chef at 595 (but of course we all know that I am the boss of her!)

Didn’t score them like a little football but that is ok by me!
These little jokers are going to be frozen and vac-u-sucked for later!

There is nothing sexier than something boiling in Water is there?

She added Black olives, Anchovie Paste and all kinds of love!

Out of the bath and cooling

Oh yes I am getting a chubby right now!

Threw in some buttered noodles for good too!
Good times!

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