The Smoker was starting to wonder…

if I didn’t love her anymore so I decided that Saturday would be named ‘yard bird’ Saturday. After a couple trips into Midtown (extra one to get lump charcoal that I let run out) I had all the ingredients that I needed to today’s cooking lesson. I have been watching TLC’s Pitmasters and other than Myron being a huge (male Pee-Pee) I enjoy it for new techniques that I can try here. People think that cooking is so hard when all it is trying something and following directions, oh and getting people full on beer or wine doesn’t hurt either. Today we were going to smoke 2 chickens (yard birds) vertical with a beer can full of a liquid, smoked root veggies and for the Saints and Jets game I wanted to pre-cook some chicken wings but with a little twist.

No I am not cleaning out the spice closet

Something that I picked up from the show, brining the whole birds and wings in seasoning too

2 for $5.00 and I know of a certain Nova Scotia resident who is smiling!

Back when I did the Beer Butt chicken in Belize with my friends who own CIL I used Belikin Stout as my liquid and it really came through in the meat, today I am using Balsamic and Orange Juice

First why the Fek didn’t I come up with that invention? Second I am glad that I had my drunken neighbor save me a beer can since I don’t imbibe!

That is right, chicken wings wrapped in a full piece of bacon with some rib rub sprinkled on it for luck.

Oh I also watched the Jersey Shore show from my Tivo so I had to do some smoked Garlic (here in a little Olive Oil. (Note I almost said EVOO like that twit Rachel Ray but my inner Tony Bourdain said NO!)

Taters, Corn and Celery

Running out of room so I had to improvise

While that was smoking, I made drop biscuits

Birds are done! (And look they are giving each other a chest bump)

I let the nurse do the cutting on the bird for me!

Note the veggies should have been oven roasted as the smoke flavor really didn’t do much for them but the Chicken ROCKED!

And here is Didi because he makes fun of me for my blog!
All in all it was a good lesson, and I will let you know how the Chicken Wings turn out!
Go Saints and J-E-T-S!!!!!



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