Ice Death 2010 aka "Let’s see how fat CBT can get in 3 days?"

Right now my friends who are in the ‘snow belt’ regions of MN, PA, or even Canada are going to snicker at my first picture but hear me out first. Memphis drivers can’t drive on dry streets with the ambient temperature of 70 degrees and no wind so when they forecast snow, ice or sleet let me tell you the grocery stores are in full panic mode. Well the white stuff hit on Friday afternoon and in attempt to keep the sanity in the 595 household we went out on a gastronomical limb and try new things and see how it turns out. We started with a Bolognese sauce, then made meatballs and ended up baking some bread and our own pizza pie.

Hey Big Alex, you see what the other neighbor did for us?
I so tried to put in green bell peppers, more seasoning and yet it turned out great!

Made some meatballs on Saturday and didn’t put any raisins in them either!

Out of the oven and letting them cool and look “one is missing!”

Went to make a drink and look “Now missing two!”

First attempt at Rosemary Peasant bread and it turned out pretty good too!

Pizza Pie Dough (not 100% excited about this btw)

Got the stuff on it before the oven

Out of the oven and I needed to thin that sucker down some more as it was a little too ‘chewy’
All in all it was a good weekend, we didn’t run out of Milk (Beer) or any Bread (wine) and none of our cars got into any wrecks either!



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