I know what is wrong with me

Last November it was right before Thanksgiving and I was a real @sshole in the office and one of the girls in the office looks at me and remarks “Someone is needing to go back to Belize!” Sadly we didn’t make a trip this November but had a great time on the geriatric cruise instead. Well it is February and all of my crazy message board friends are making the yearly trek back to the island and sadly the Trumpets are missing another trip and I am in the same mood. I shared some emails with another couple who are sitting in snow and we both commented that it stinks but as we both agreed, this is just a bump in the road, we will be back! On a personal note I wish all of my friends a good time and I expect a couple drunken foam calls and FB updates too!


Sorry Jan that ATL is closed down

Linda M we will miss out on your “Shitty Little Bar” this time

Only man I am taller than!

Shitty view you know!

Linda is happy she doesn’t have to pray for our departure!

Chloe, Sorry I don’t have a pic of you but this is your Valentine’s gift from me!

I sure do miss the $hit out of these two!

Have tall English Woman will travel!

Good times

The only person who I have my one White and Light a day with!

Joe keep my peeps on the straight and narrow

There is effin snow on the ground right now in Memphis!

I can’t believe that I got a pic of Taco Girl eating, she is never hongry!

Mrs Trumpet and Tia Chocolate

Linda Squared

Looks like an America’s most wanted line up!

Maria has snow up to her (you know) right now in NYC

KC and CBT (drinking the only beer that we consumed on the trip mind you!)

Congrats to Mrs DivingCowGirl aka College Grad! We are proud of you and wish we could be there too!

Kerry now in Corozal

This is Bill telling Chunky and Ruth how I ‘arm twisted’ his wife into coming down on Mini Chat

Here we are pouring some for our Homies that didn’t make the trip.

I keep begging for them to play Freebird or Mustang Sally and they never do!

I spy the Captain, Pam, Ken and Mel

Jan is thinking who is this little creepy blond fellow on the right

Another bad time at Taco Tuesday

Hey Look a chicken….

The Reapers, Chunky and Spurs. I bet Ruthie, KLC and Momma were at the bar

Dita and Rambo made the jump

Reaper dancing with his girl

I think that was Dita

Becky and Bill

Gela asking KLC if he sees a Chicken..

God I am glad we are here in Memphis, can’t you see that we hate it down there.

Isn’t that the truth

No Jammer isn’t on the side, I don’t know how to make this sucker Vertical

Here is Nova or as we know her the Imelda Marcos of Canada and look at her she is barefoot!

Taco Boy and TQ

Have a good one and not to worry there will be a next time!



  1. John,

    We are headed down next weekend and will be missing y'all. I have my sister jumping out of a perfectly good plane in Central America, god bless us ex-pats….


  2. John,

    We are headed down next weekend and will be missing y'all. I have my sister jumping out of a perfectly good plane in Central America, god bless us ex-pats….


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