Careful what you say…

A friend of mine had tweeted on their twitter feed that their employer had made them remove a tweet as they had mentioned the company name and this was a no-no. We have a couple friends who despise with a passion Facebook in that people are stupid to post personal things that can lead to them getting in trouble. This begs the question how effing stupid do you have to be to get fired or expelled from school for putting on your facebook. I mean if you post “I effing hate XXX, or I hope the school blows up!” or “I got so shitfaced, I hope I can fool the boss that I am not still drunk” you deserve to get fired or kicked out.
Now if you are a friend of mine on Facebook you will notice that every day is a carnival inside my head as who wants to hear what I had for breakfast or that I will be working for the next 8 hours at X. I mean that shit is boring, anyway anything that has a button where you can [Poke] someone you have to smile. A couple of my attorneys friends (not here mind you) tell me that they have clients who have posted pics of them trashed or passed out on Facebook or MySpace and it is like taking candy from a baby.
The latest toy that is on my iFoam is Foursquare and Loopt as this is the ultimate stalking tool. You actually ‘check in’ at various location in Memphis and if you are there enough you become Mayor. Currently I am mayor of Bar 595, Costco, the Corkscrew, Luchessi’s Pasta and my favorite Cash and Carry and it is a novelty but seriously folks you better be careful with this. I mean here it is 2AM on a school night and you are checking in at a bar and if your boss or someone else found out….not good anyway you know what Momma Kasaftes used to say “Nothing good happens after midnight”
One thing that I do like about twitter is depending on who you follow you can find out information WAY faster than ever and let’s say that Kentucky is getting beat by South Carolina and you are watching network TV, boom you get to see Cashapari go down in flames in Cockland! You can also ‘stalk’ celebrities or in the case of Tila Tequila you can actually watch someone go down the tubes. Also the ‘fake’ celebrities are a hoot as Not-Jay Cutler is a guy that I want to party with.

Anyway this is a good mantra that you crazy kids and your rock and roll may need to follow;
Post something that should stay a ‘thought bubble’ on Facebook – Get fired in a week.
Post something that should stay a ‘thought bubble on Twitter – Get fired in a day.
Check in to a bar at 3AM on a school night when you have a big meeting the next day – Get fired before you even wake up!

Ok time for me to get out of my work thong and into something more comfortable



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