Fat Tuesday and the countdown begins!

Happy Fat Tuesday folks I encourage everyone to go fly Southwest airlines today as I suspect they are stinging from the negative press they got for kicking off Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith of a flight this past weekend. Anyway tomorrow starts the Lenten season and it also is the countdown to my 40th trip around the sun! That’s right baby CBT “Pasando cuarenta”in 45 days and to mark the occasion we are heading to the Horse track for a day of beer, grey horses and jockeys wearing pink silks! (if you have bet on horses with me you would understand)
I saw these pictures from the SanPedroSun from this past weekend and even though they are running wild in the French Quarter with “Who Dat” fever this reminds me that I really need to get down the San Pedro to see the Comparsa and Carnival one of these day. Anyway I haven’t thought of what I need to give up for lent but there is time.

Ms Flora’s Group – Day 2
Damn Felix you may want to shave a little closer on those legs

Ms Flora’s group on Day 1

Man to be a kid on that island, paint wars!
Keep it light and again thanks to the SanPedroSun for the pics.


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