You are eating what?

I know that it seems that all I have been doing is talking a lot about food and recipes as of late but you have to understand that is has been ball shrinking cold outside and keeps us home bound. Anyway we have been changing up things as I am convinced that your taste buds change every 7 years so the CBT kitchen has seen some new recipes (both good and bad). Momma got a recipe book that we have been getting a lot of our inspiration and I have been re-visiting my library of cookbooks and online to find some newbies as well.
I will look for some pictures later but so far here is what we have tried and have loved;

  1. Shrimp and Grits with turkey sausage – Effing BOMB!
  2. Tamales – Could give those joints on Jackson Avenue a run for the money
  3. Sketti and Meatballs
  4. Glazed Asian Teriyaki Chicken over mushroom risotto
  5. Whole Wheat Pizza – Got a better recipe and I am rocking the Pie
  6. Turkey Chili
  7. Roasted vegetables
  8. Smoked Chicken Burritos with a black bean puree

This weekend I am going to fire up the ole BGE as I have found a recipe that includes Beef Brisket, A can of Beer (may have to go buy one at the local Exxon as those other 5 will go to waste), apple cider vinegar, ketchup and honey. I will keep you posted….

These are chicken thighs and a cooking technique that I stole from Myron Nixon of the JacksOldSouth cooking team. If you like him or not, I have to say this is an ingenious method of cooking chicken for Blind Boxes. Note you will have to chop off the tibial plateau to get these little suckers to fit into the muffin pans but it really makes them uniform.
This is the book that we are getting a lot of our inspiration and it is actually good for us too.



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