Brisket 101

So if you recall my previous blog entry (no not that one with the picture) I said that we have been really enjoying the recipes from the “Cook This Not That” book which lead me to peruse a Beef Brisket recipe that I had to try. I had made my grocery list and accomplished just about everything except finding some Champagne Vinegar for a recipe that momma wanted to make. I have always heard of my Belizean buddies bitch about having to go to 6+ stores to grocery shop because of price or quality, I can empathize with them as I went to Kroger West Memphis, Ghetto Kroger on Cleveland, Midtown Schnucks, Pig on Madison Ah Screw it Momma will just have to go without!
We had great weather on Sunday so I fired up the Egg as off I went into the kitchen to prep and get things ready. I started reading the directions and right off the batch I was in disbelief of what it said;

  • Preheat oven to 325 (wait did I just read that correctly?) Let’s try it again shall we?
  • Preheat oven to 325 (What the Corn Break Fek!)

I have to admit I almost threw the book in the trash as I have done brisket in the past and had some success but start the cooking process of a brisket in an OVEN? Sorry “Cook This, Not That” but I would rather my little sister be a whore or a St. Louis Cardinals fan than use an oven when cooking brisket!
Anyway I compromised and used the indirect heat method in the smoker rather than waste electricity and it came out ok. I really did like the marinate as it had a good taste but next time we will do the CBT way and see how that turns out. Ok to the pictures;

There it is folks, I even circled it in Red! Blasphemy!

I prefer to put the dry spices on the night before so they can soak in and it makes a great crust too!

Got her in the pan and about to add the beer that I borrowed from my neighbor

Looks somewhat refreshing you know!

You know I think I may try a sip of this beer stuff. I hear that people in Maine, Persall Texas, Kansas City and even Canada like it.

Nope better stick to my iced tea!

Wait what’s that straw doing in there? Get that out of here!

Ketchup, Cider Vinegar (that is wildly available at all the stores I visited BTW), and honey.
Try it, it wasn’t bad and added a bit of a kick.

See what happens when you don’t smoke something right off the bat? Tasted ok but I learned my lesson.

Mashed taters in the middle and a Artichoke Red Pepper salad that was missing Champagne Vinegar as an ingredient. Not a bad meal.
Oh and for the record as you have always heard me talk of disdain about a certain chef who has her own cooking show that refers to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as EVOO? Well my second least favorite chef is “barefoot” and refers to her husband who’s name is Jeff as “Jeffry” like a fag hag. Yep you guessed it, the Artichoke/Red Pepper salad was from her collection…..


  1. You can have the days/dates I want the brisket done the CBT way lol

    In case you are wondering why we need a new cook the old one ran off with the Maid leaving us with a rather empty palace – just the 2 of us roaming around and the clanking of empty pots and pans ha ha.


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