Flat CBT takes on the island!

Yes it is another Belize post but this one is going to be unique in that CBT went to Belize in a different form other than his 5 foot 6 inch chiseled specimen of a body. Back in January I was emailing the world famous TacoGirl and made mention that we were bummed that we could not attend Boogie2010 this year as a lot of our friends were making the trip and it was going to be a hot time on the island. I believe my comment was “If I could put a stamp on my Arse and mail myself down there I would!” and her reply was “We need a Flat Carbunkle Trumpet!”.

Now if you are scratching your head and wondering if CBT is already on the sauce the answer is no as kids across the country will do a school project named Flat_Stanley so off I went to get out the paints and construction paper.

Mailed Flat Stanley in plenty of time and Taco and I decided that Flat CBT would make ‘guest’ appearances while the drunks Message Boarders were out looting and pillaging. This past week has been fun checking in Taco’s site and between that and the drunken text messages and even a foam call from the Captain it was the next best thing to being there! Love you guys and now please allow me to do some ‘retorting’!

Flat CBT has arrived at the Crazy Canucks! I must admit that the post office official looked at me like I were smoking crack when she read the Customs declaration on what was in the envelope. (Green form lower left of envelope)
Also good to see my horseshoe throwing Buddy Ali too!

Here is CBT and the Tacos! Love you guys and thanks for allowing me to crash at the Taco Shack!

Here is TQ and TP chilling at the new airport lounge.
Oh btw TQ the next time you are making a trip to Belize we are going to require you to come to Memphis so we can personally wake you in time to make your flight.

“Um hello US Customs be on the lookout for these people, they are up to no good and their livers are a threat to national security!”

Here you see Nova giving CBT a proctology exam.
Thanks for having your nails trimmed for me there kiddo!
Also why is Spurs kissing on Bill that’s my job!
Damnit AZ we are going to have to plan and schedule better so we can hang out longer!
Oh and Isle, I promise I had nothing to do with the bad weather on your departure day BwaaaaaHaaaaa!

Thanks Paul for the Belikin, I think I am going to need it for the next couple of pictures.
Oh and the glitter and stars on the pink speedo were added by Taco btw! I would never wear something that tacky.

KLC Man that is the wrong finger for “Your number one!”
Is Sussie telling Spurs “Hey look a Chicken?”

Pirate Steve had never met Taco Girl and when they pulled me out for some pics, he goes over to her and says “Hey we talked to him last night on the foam!”
Cindy honey it looks like I was just doing that thing that you made mention on your FB status update the other day.
Sniff, Sniff I remember when they were building the wall

Here is Jammer and Isle abusing CBT.
I bet that there wasn’t any older french ladies around for you to make fun of this year were there?
Susie giving me shout out and then Cindy hands me over to….

Farmer Ted I can only imagine what you are doing to Flat CBT right now. I fear that he may need years of therapy and a good cleaning.

Ken and Mel saved me from some type of horrible Canadian doing. Love the pictures of the island and can you see if Ken can have a good time, he never smiles!

Guess Spurs needed some more bacon on her pizza!

Street Meat and my favorite Taco Vendor too!

Even the Mexican came down for some fun!

All I am saying is that ‘someone’ better have a huge campaign war chest or I am getting out the scanner and someone is going to have a Gary Hart/John Edwards/Bill Clinton moment. Just sayin….
Oh and BCB good to see you out and about!

I often wondered what would happen to you in Federal “Pound you in the arse” Prison…

I feel so cheap and embarrassed, my tiara doesn’t match my pearls….
Thanks Taco’s and I hope everyone had a good time on that ‘shitty little island’ Please check out Taco’s Blog as she can help you with taking a virtual vacation.


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