Who doesn’t dream about this time of the year?

You may recall my previous blog post about my letter to some magazine owner who said that Memphis was a miserable city to live in. Well Mr Forbes, as someone I overheard today at the MIM Music festival Press conference he said you could go to that warm place. I recalled that today was the press conference announcing the line up so I texted my fellow iced tea drinker Doctor King and asked if he was attending. Since I have a little free time on my hands I figured I would go check it out and get my mind set right for a great next 90 days.
I have some friends of mine (no I don’t pay them to be my friend) are going on vacation in mid April to celebrate a birthday and they asked if Mrs CBT and I wanted to come with them and I told them that this is the best part of the year to live in 38103. Anyway as we were sitting there listening to the Line_Up I could almost hear the bitching on Twitter about the ‘same ole, same ole’ acts and I am sorry for 65 bucks you get 3 days of music, hilarious people watching, and a chance to wear your mud gear. If you want big name bands then go to Bonnaroo or Jazz fest, I will just walk out my front door to my outdoor music theater called Tom Lee Park and not have to drive home!
Anyway the announcement day is the kick off to the spring as we get to look forward to the following events

  1. Music Fest line up is announced. Buy your tickets now because once it is May the deal goes away!
  2. Major League Baseball and the Memphis Red Birds start play in Autozone Park
  3. Some Jackasses 40th Birthday Celebration this year.
  4. Patios start to open on Beale Street and the term Sunday-Funday really takes effect
  5. South Main Wingfest
  6. Porter Leath Crawfish Festival
  7. The Wine Race (Hey KLC Man you want to come down for it?)
  8. Memphis in May Music Fest on the banks of the Mississippi River
  9. Memphis in May BBQ Festival again on the banks of the Mississippi River
  10. Memphis in May Sunset Symphony also on the banks of the Mississippi River
  11. Holy Rosary Italian Festival in East Memphis

See what I mean we got a lot going on in the next 90 days and they really don’t get rocking till the first of April!

George Hunt talking about this years MIM painting and print

What is there not to love about nacho chips, cheese, pulled pork and some BBQ sauce on it?
Autozone Park opening weekend

Here is some Jackasses Birthday cake from last year thanks to Courtney S.
The cake is in the shape of some ‘crappy island’ that I have visited once or twice.
There is only one Coon Arse on our team but the rest of us know how to drink some beer so that counts!

See what I mean?

That is a fun one day party I must say!

Ah the weather warms some more the Beale Street doesn’t smell of beer and urine but Wine!

Look at the mad skills of Doctor Turney

Man Down, Man Down

Gates open for Music Fest at 5PM and this girl is heaving in a trash can at 5:20

That damn Swine Flu

Oh I so love some Carnival Nachos

Yep we had a little rain

But we also had Snoop in the Hizouse so that was ok

Mud boots – 125.00
Crappy Khaki pants – 30.00
Patagonia Monsoon Rain Jacket – 150.00
Waterproof Tilly Hat – 50.00
Not being cold or have water drip down my back – PRICELESS!
And on Monday the boots rested

The rains went away and then on the 3rd weekend let there be Pork

And the English come too!

Not just your average fire up a smoker and let’s have some fun contest, they are serious!

Let’s see we have had Music, Rain and the Pork then it must be time for the German bomber planes! Sunset Symphony

Then ending the 90 days of fun and festival is when everyone slaps a vowel on the end of their name and becomes Eye-Talian

Dude you missed the Southaven Spring Fest by 45 days ago

We may not have won in gravy but we did win where it counted – Best Happy Hour drink

And the trophy is proudly hung at the joint where the inspiration was given
Now Mr. Forbes what was that about Memphis being Miserable?
TTK and Bring on the Carnie Food!

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