All aboard the Express Train!

In the song “Almost cut my hair” by Crosby Stills and Nash there is a line that goes “I feel like letting my freak flag fly!” I think that CSN must have been talking about this past Saturday on Beale Street with a St. Patty’s day parade and 2 sessions of all you can drink beer because if you were into crowd watching today was the Super Bowl!
In an attempt soften my VIP Rock star status of going straight to hell I did some volunteer work for the River City Brewers festival which benefits St. Jude and I had the job of selling tickets for those who did not buy online. As I was sitting there at the entrance to Handy Park (aka Ring Side seats) I saw just about everything that would make you say DAYAM and issued many “must not have walked by a mirror on your way out eh” awards.
Sadly I didn’t get as many good pics as I wanted to and I have to admit taking pics of people who are drunk is not cool, it is in my opinion that if someone wants to slam two Call a Cab’s and crawl down the street then that is their right, why do you think they sell drinks in a paint can bucket. However, if that aforementioned person who is crawling down Beale happens to be wearing a Lime green Elvis jumpsuit then by means it is Game on! I am going to have the opportunity to be on Beale a couple more times so I will be more diligent in issuing some “you have to be kidding me right” fashion awards!

Saw them at “Live at the Garden” last year and they rocked!

I am so embarrassed that my dad didn’t wear his Green Jacket for the parade. Oh the shame!
(and I stole this pic btw and he may be dressed like the king but he is a fast little fella)
If you are wondering what those things on their heads are I suggest you go watch a certain episode of “Seinfeld” where George buys the Russian Ushanka (I had to google it, I am not that smart btw) hat on the Peterman expense account.

Oh and for those of you downtowners and South Mainiacs who happened to be at that event, don’t worry I live by the mantra “What goes on in 38103, stays in 38103” your secret is safe with me!
TTK and take it light!

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