Pork, Chips, Nacho Cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, dry rub = love on a plate

Last week I came across a “you know you are a foodie if..” and one of the comments that was made that you spend more money on kitchen toys than work clothes. I have to admit that I can pretty much give better advice on where stuff is located at Lit than some of the staff as I am a huge hoarder of kitchen tools.  Oh well as long as it keeps me out of the bars right?  This past weekend I was craving BBQ nachos in the worst way and as luck would have it I noticed that there was a sale on Pork Butts so off to the Ghetto Kroger I go. 

Now I know that my two readers are right now saying “Great CBT is going to show a ton of pics of the smoker and crap stuff like that!” but actually I am going to change it up a little bit as I am going to document the process that I use to prep ‘the other white meat’ and let my 2 readers pick and feel free to add your own cooking technique as I have often heard “Cooking is not rocket science!”

Yep, my mis en place or as I like to say “this is where the action happens”

I love a cutting board that allows you to cut with your arms not at your waist

Right now Anthony Bourdain has a hard on (me too a little bit)

I like to season the meat (insert Beavis/Butthead laugh here) the day before so it can soak in (JMHO)

Bend over, I am going to give you a little shot (or) What is that Elvis’ hypodermic?

Anyone thinking of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction when she had to have the shot after she OD’d?

Just like Charlie Sheen’s liver you have to have a good marinade
(pay no attention to that bottle of Cuban rum, I promise)

Notice the level of the marinade (apple juice, sugar, salt, Worcester and some rum) before I started shooting porky up

After I get done with this pork butt it is going to see more pricks than (oh stop!)

I like to inject it with the grain of the muscle/meat as I think it takes more marinade (JMHO)

Just like the Bums on Beale Street, it almost took the whole quart

Put some more dry rub and then it is off to the smoker for 6 hours of indirect heat

Now here is where I broke tradition as I smoked the pork on Saturday all day and then took it off the smoker and allowed it to rest and put it in the fridge overnight.  Sunday we had crappy weather and I didn’t feel like getting wet going back and forth so I took the pork and put it in a roasting pan with the rack and poured a pineapple mixture in the bottom of the pan and ‘steamed’ the pork for 5 more hours on low heat in the oven.  I really should have smoked it longer as the meat was flavorful but it wasn’t ‘pulling’ apart or fall off the bone like some other butts I have done.  All in all it was a good adventure and the nachos were pretty darn good.

Man that was some good stuff!


  1. 1. that's quite a sticker you got there bud.
    2. like other butts you've done? I don't wanna know.
    3. I don't know what JMHO means. please 'splain it lucy.
    4. I loves me some dry rub. You have my address. Please send me some of that yummy pork butt!!!!


  2. Great post – I just caught that pulp fiction scene this past week. I will take your version anyway you got my moth watering and yes I too have a bit of a hard on right beside you and Bourdaine from that pic.


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