Sunday Funday Shirt on life support

Do you have a favorite shirt or comfy pants that you go to each and every day? If you ever watched Seinfeld you may recall the episode about “Golden Boy” that was Jerry’s favorite T-shirt and how it never was worn while laundry was being done. CBT has a similar shirt as I don’t recall when I actually purchased my white timberland polo shirt but it became my official ‘Sunday Funday’ shirt. If you have ever seen me out on a Sunday fighting crime you may have recognized this ragged shirt but I always referred to it as my required uniform. The collar was held by a string, there are more holes in it than a Tiger Woods alibi but it wore great and survived many a battle.
Well today I am to report that the collar finally came off of Sunday Funday shirt and I fear that he may be soon heading to that great dust rag heaven in the sky. Due to the holes I am required to wear an under shirt as no one wants to see my back hair poking out and once it gets ‘hotter than testicles’ in Memphis that means adios to Mr Sunday shirt. Anyway out of respect I will wear him with pride until the time is upon us. sniff, sniff.

other than being raggedy he still is pretty clean and shiny white

Notice the collar? Mrs CBT laughed when I said I wanted her to get out the sewing machine.

I bet some of you are now betting that I still have my communion money aren’t you?
I think that a proper last hurrah would be the Great Wine race before MIM begins.


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