What do you do when you add 5 apple knockers and 1 authentic Cajun together?

You get one hell of a Roux and even a better Gumbo!
A couple of years ago a group of us were sitting around a smoker drinking some ‘frosty beverages’ my good friend WW asked me if I would like to join his band of misfit Gumbo cookers. I kicked it around as I am a little hesitant in joining cooking teams as I have seen many a good friendship ruined over a smoker, boiling pot of noodles and life is too short. The Italian fest team that I am on is actually a second take of an old BBQ team that split when I was 16 so I am a fan of preserving friendships rather than getting pissed at someone because ‘their’ guest pissed off ‘someones wife’. Anyway I told brother WW that yes I would accept the invitation as I really have not hung out with him that much and it was a one day event that didn’t require vacation days from work and it was a small team that I am already good friends with.
The Gumbo cooking contest is a fund raiser event for Porter-Leath and occurs downtown (another bonus) that occurs during their Rajun Cajun festival. In years past we would convene on Kitchen 595 the night before to prep, chop, make a gumbo to serve to our friends and basically hang out and visit. This year Brother WW made us some crawfish etouffee to snack on as we chopped, peeled shrimp and busted each others balls and let me tell ya, Mrs CBT loves that night because she can kick back and watch a bunch of men chop onions and make her dinner.
I will leave you with the pictures but we came in 5th this year, had a blast hanging out with everyone, it didn’t rain and all of our team members showed up on time without car problems!

As you can see KC is on point making sure that all the onions, celery and bell pepper’s are chopped to the exact size.
Hey what is that guy in the middle doing? Oh he must be conducting quality control for that ‘diet coke’ he is drinking.

Pretty much WW gets to sit and chill as SP is chopping off his finger into the onions.

Tough work for a pimp you know

What is significant about this picture?
Brother CC showed on time and without car problems like last year.
In his defense some little bastards kids broke into his truck and lifted 4 cases of beer bottled water that we were going to drink on the day of the festival the night before.
Currently we are missing KC in the group picture as she was chilling at her house before the festival started.
I mean we may be arseholes but who is going to make a woman who had an ingrown toenail surgery a couple days prior hoof it up and down the trolley tracks.
I had 3 jobs for the day according to WW
  1. set up WW’s Mis en Place
  2. Be official timekeeper (notice that obnoxious orange watch I had on)
  3. Make sure that I document people wearing clothes that they obviously did not look into the mirror before they left for the festival. (Next post coming up tomorrow)

WW – “Um CBT did you remember to load the butane canisters?”

CBT – “Shit I had 4 to do today! Be right back!”

Here is where I realize that WW isn’t actually Cajun but he stayed at a Holiday Inn Select before.
Side Note – The team next to us were a group of chefs from L’Ecole_Culinaire_Memphis and as WW and I were watching some knife skills that rivaled my ‘Man Crush” Tony Bourdain we were in trouble.
It all starts with Oil and Flour….

Heat and stir that sucker till you get some brown sugar looking love!

Add the onions (that SP didn’t make as pretty as the Chefs did) and the pot is getting happy!

If you have that new iPad you can add the ‘scratch and sniff’ option and smell the love

A Savoir-Faire & the Lagniappe Boys team prayer over the pot of Gumbo for good luck!

Be honest it makes you a little moist looking at that doesn’t it?

Like I told you, WW and I had major Chubbies over the knife skills the team of Chefs had!
This is WW in their tent joking around.

Sure WW you chopped all of that and I have on boxer shorts and not a pink thong!

See what I mean? They made fast work on a 10# bag of onions and celery and red peppers too!

WW taking a break from the first round of turn in.
It is good to be the king you know?

Inside the tent all of our other neighbor cooking teams (20 in all)

Taking one from WW.
It is good to be the king
I got to hang with a fellow tweeter RS during the down time (that kind of sounds bad doesn’t it?)
Someone get JK off of the trolley tracks, another trolley is coming

WW about to “Do some of that Voodoo that He do oh so well” for the finals
No wait he actually is peeing in the turn in cups.

[ Insert Caddy Shack Movie quote here]

Turn in for the Finals and our 5th place award!

Look who got out of bed and hung with us on a beautiful afternoon?

Here is WW being interviewed by MD about the night before when he stayed at Casa De CBT.

Oh I bet the folks at Autozone hate the day after the crawfish festival.

WW thanks for a great weekend and we look forward to next year!
Now if you are asking yourself “Wait you mean CBT isn’t going to issue any fashion citations today?” Tune in tomorrow!


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