Week one of Festivus Begins!

As we rolled into the start of Memphis Festivus I had to make a ‘small’ donation to the Tax man and we also had to celebrate the nephew’s 6th birthday before pronto pups were to be eaten. The nephew got a fort/swing set that is bigger than my entire yard but is perfectly acceptable out in Breederville/High Point Terrace. We hung out there on Thursday night instead of the roof top and then did the weekend up in grand style with the Redbirds game, Wing Fest and with the already blogged Rajun Cajun.
Friday night was great (except for the score) and the fireworks were a welcome start to a 7 week bladder buster, liver abuser, lipitor taking festival schedule. The weekend was great and rather than the traditional Musicfest rain we had great weather with temps in the mid 70’s to 80’s. Saturday we rolled down KC as she just had some surgery and was in a wheel chair and it wasn’t as bad as one would think. We got down to the Wing festival and it was a hoppin joint with a great crowd.

Oh and it was very nice to meet (in real life) some fellow Tweeters and yes I have to agree that Leggings are not pants and I am sure that I will run into y’all again very soon.

Oh thanks younger sister for getting the nephew a squirt gun too!
Dude, you do it and I promise you will remain the same height and have bad stutter too!

Handsome Ricky (the nephew named the cat) does not know what think of a 17 year old tiny toy poodle who is rolled up like a burrito. Old Veteran may be blind, sleep 95% of the time but she is happy and has been with us a long time.

Y’all need to hurry the hell up and finish that HB song ok?

I miss living in the Core downtown

Not a bad seat in Auto Zone Park

The South’s Grand Hotel

Whatever you do do not light a match right now.

Aunt Terry (I can call him that, I have known him since ’93) you are not going to believe this but there is a damned Chicken fixin to cross the road!

See I told you! I still don’t know why it crossed the road (except it may have had to use the porta potty)

Aunt Terry getting in the fun

Wait I know that chicken and the lady in the peacock mask too!

(I have to say it)
Look someone is about to choke the chicken!

Here we have a picture of BC taking a picture of RS and a baby at Wing fest

“Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? Oh it looks good on you AB!”
Glad I only have 3 readers and she isn’t one of them or she would smack me!
Katie, I don’t care if you just had hip surgery and a fall on it may make you break it. That girl over there needs medical attention and a ride in your wheel chair!

Even PR and WB were afraid of the Woolly Mammoth

I feel like Paul R after taking this picture (feel free to smack me RS)

You have to love the Ques Brother BBQ team – not only do they provide free food and beer but they also give out free toddlers too!
FH – “What do you think, you want to keep her?”
SB – “I don’t know do you think we can teach her to use the litter box like the cat does?”
Something is morally wrong here as the Tarot card lady is getting her 2X4 Bud heavy drink on you know?

That is a damned shame you know?!!!!!
See you at the Zombie fest!

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