Month: May 2010

I spy with my little eye…

We were watching “My cousin Vinny” last night (I know we are such the party animals) and the part where Vinny and Marisa Tomei roll into town and the “Oh yea you blend” part stuck in my head. It was also then that I realized that I hadn’t posted my “Oh do not have a mirror in your house” pics but I noticed a common trait that should be a college sociology experiment. Think about this for a minute If you look back on each and every festival/event you attended this spring you pretty much will run into the same groups of people as they are as common porta potties and corn dogs.

Before someone gets their panties into a bind b/c I am being mean I am sure that there is a pic on some people’s camera of a short fat blond haired guy wearing his Kangol backwards but I am ok with it. I mean at least I am not wearing leggings as pants or high heels but there is always Halloween right?

Ah the leggings as pants syndrome.
This actually doesn’t bother me as bad as it does SB and RS but hey I will play along!
She will kill me if she knew I posted this (again) but you have to have to see a funny hat at an outside festival!

Dude in the parachute pants kinda threw me as that could be a first (and hopefully last)

Ah the Affliction shirt
Again it isn’t a big deal but I know there are a lot of haters out there

Now here is where I just am dumbfounded, the 9 inch fek me pumps at an outside venue.

Gotta have the biker chaps (thankfully with clothes underneath)

Ah shirtless dude

Again another first at a festival

I am not going to post the pic that I walked up on but this will suffice if you know what I mean.

That hat almost needs a tent permit

She must be color blind

matching shoes, track suit and t-shirt is a staple at some festivals.
Oh and it isn’t too obvious that this is a staged pic is it?

Wonder where she got those Chuck Taylor’s?
and can she get a refund?

Sho-T-Shorts are in the house!

How many pig tailed girls did you see at BBQ last week?
Keep it light!

Flat Chunky does MIM World Championship BBQ!

I have blogged a couple times about my good friends Chunky and Ruth who live half of the time in MN and winter in Belize to escape the harsh winters (tough life you know). Chunky is the resident BBQ guru of the island and not a shabby BBQ sauce maker and both he and Ruth are good people and great friends. Anyway this year due to a scheduling snafu Chunky and Ruth couldn’t make it down to Belize this past winter and after seeing some of their pics of grilling in the snow I knew that brother Chunky would be jonesing for some smoked pork love.
Traditionally the first or second week of May is when they head back to MN and that also coincides with Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Contest that brings in 250+ of the best teams from across the world. We have invited them down but scheduling always prevents them from experiencing smoked hickory nirvana.
This year after that whole Flat CBT trip_to_Belize experiment I got an idea and shot Ruthie an email saying that Flat Chunky needs to come to WCBBC as an honored guest. In between Chunky’s naps she secretly made a Flat Chunky, slapped some stamps on his head and “BOOM” Chunky arrived at Bar 595!
Below is the photo journey that my fellow BBQ brother from another mother had in an out of the many teams!
Oh and Chunky next year we will get you down here or maybe we can have a rib cooking contest at Coral Villas this winter….

Before he headed down to the park he wanted to brown some meat for a Gravy
Even Momma wanted to get in on the action

Ok, I am a BBQ guru not a jockey!
Get my arse down to the park CBT!

Credentialed up and ready to go!

250 teams and only 4 days…Where do I start?

Why of course I need an official MIM fly golf cart ride to maximize my experience!

Hadn’t been here an hour and Chunky won Best Mustard Sauce
(BTW who won that San Pedro People’s Choice award again?)

After he poured some Lighter fluid on the charcoal now it is time to start prepping some meat
(Photo credit to the team of Tom and Jerry’s Global Smokers)
You think 30 racks is enough for Friday?
You are right let’s get 60 on the smoker
(photo credit to the team of Pork U)
Yep the PETA people will be complaining very soon
Notice I didn’t do anything vulgar to Chunky like some did to Flat CBT down in Belize..
(Photo credit to Wasted and Basted BBQ Team)
Chunky chilling and exchanging pork tips with the Danish National BBQ team
Yes they were Danish and didn’t speak much English either

Even Pedro would be proud of this photo
(Can’t recall which team provided this back drop, I think that pretty every team had one of these things in their tent though)

BBQ Nachos – Why yes I will have some

Screw the diet, give me a hunk of that Funnel cake too!

Tried some of the Hot Wing entries and man they were good

CBT & Chunky with the Cattlemen’s girls
Chunky getting ready to fire up the smoker for the judges
(Photo credit to Squeal Street Patio Porker team)

Brother Mike King and Chunky kicking it in the tent

Man doesn’t live on pork alone, give me some of that please!

Why yes I will have an ice cold beer to wash it down!

Sadly they didn’t have a San Pedro or Maplewood MN sign

Chunky checking the temp on the Back woods smoker
(Photo credit to Brown Chicken Brown Cow BBQ team)

Head pit masters Mike Rude and Cliff Wilson swapping recipes with Chunky

Even Ms Miller wanted some Chunky love!

Damn Chunky won 1st place in Ribs!

And Whole Hog too? I bet that Myron is going to be whining in his beer saying the contest is fixed!

Even CBT is amazed at this find

Quick post as I am about to head out to the factory but I have a good friend who is the chief porta pottie pumper outer for Memphis in May and he sent me this picture of what they found in Tom Lee Park after BBQ fest. As you can see it is a functioning wheelchair but this begs the question;

  1. Did the owner get ‘healed’ by the smoked ‘other white meat’?
  2. Did the owner go the way of Weekend at Bernies and we had a burial at river?
  3. Was this part of a scavenger hunt that we didn’t know about?
  4. Did this team pack so much stuff and since they already had a kitchen sink so they wanted a wheelchair on reserve?
  5. Wonder what that team’s BBQ tasted like? (ok I will stop)