I spy with my little eye…

We were watching “My cousin Vinny” last night (I know we are such the party animals) and the part where Vinny and Marisa Tomei roll into town and the “Oh yea you blend” part stuck in my head. It was also then that I realized that I hadn’t posted my “Oh do not have a mirror in your house” pics but I noticed a common trait that should be a college sociology experiment. Think about this for a minute If you look back on each and every festival/event you attended this spring you pretty much will run into the same groups of people as they are as common porta potties and corn dogs.

Before someone gets their panties into a bind b/c I am being mean I am sure that there is a pic on some people’s camera of a short fat blond haired guy wearing his Kangol backwards but I am ok with it. I mean at least I am not wearing leggings as pants or high heels but there is always Halloween right?

Ah the leggings as pants syndrome.
This actually doesn’t bother me as bad as it does SB and RS but hey I will play along!
She will kill me if she knew I posted this (again) but you have to have to see a funny hat at an outside festival!

Dude in the parachute pants kinda threw me as that could be a first (and hopefully last)

Ah the Affliction shirt
Again it isn’t a big deal but I know there are a lot of haters out there

Now here is where I just am dumbfounded, the 9 inch fek me pumps at an outside venue.

Gotta have the biker chaps (thankfully with clothes underneath)

Ah shirtless dude

Again another first at a festival

I am not going to post the pic that I walked up on but this will suffice if you know what I mean.

That hat almost needs a tent permit

She must be color blind

matching shoes, track suit and t-shirt is a staple at some festivals.
Oh and it isn’t too obvious that this is a staged pic is it?

Wonder where she got those Chuck Taylor’s?
and can she get a refund?

Sho-T-Shorts are in the house!

How many pig tailed girls did you see at BBQ last week?
Keep it light!

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