CBT becomes a Carnie

I think that everyone of us has in our phone contact list someone who is listed as “If I have to call them at 2AM and tell them to meet me at the corner of X and X and bring a chainsaw” they would do it. Well that is what happened to CBT back in mid April as the foam rang and the voice on the other side said “CBT we have a problem and we need you to be a carnie!”
Now in an effort not to break my own Mantra (discussing Politics, Current Events, Gun Control, Abortion and Religion) I am going to refrain from divulging my real position (porta pottie pumper outer) but really on this occasion I think that I can. You see my buddy who owns the corn dog stands number one wiener piercer went down with carpal tunnel syndrome right after South Main wing fest and my buddy was in a bind. It makes perfect sense as if you think about it who else can be a bigger pricker than CBT eh?

Anyway I reported for duty in Mid April as for those of you who have patently waited in line for 12 inches of fried love think that there is nothing to setting up a food vendor booth are very wrong. Now sadly I signed a confidentially clause so I can’t go into great detail on recipe or the process that a tube meat goes from it’s raw state to love on a skewer but there are some things that need to remain a mystery. The next couple of blog posts will be categorizing my trip down the calender during Memphis in May so sit back, grab some cotton candy and enjoy the ride.

There we are baby, set up and ready to go to sell Pronto Pups!

This kinda breaks my heart but you will notice that hit the skewer perfectly and got equal fried dough distribution too!

While we were waiting for the oil to get hot I jumped in my Corn Dog Mobile and snapped up some pics of my fellow carnies/roadies setting up for Beale Street Music Fest.

The process of building a stage is much like frying a pronto pup, it takes lots of planning and precise execution.

The show just doesn’t happen over night

Whew, thankfully my boys with Safety Quip got the porta potties up because it was kinda embarrassing peeing in the Mississippi River all the time.

I see they are bringing me some more batter and sticks.

Ah some of my fellow vendor’s are starting to arrive. How are ya Girls? Did you do something different to your hair?

The day before the storm (I mean show)

Gates about to open and the crowd is at a frenzy for my Corn Dogs!

The sky is clear (for now) and we are about to open the flood gates!

If you have seen my previous posts you know my stance on this…..

You think they are yelling for that long haired fellow who yelled obscenities but actually they were chanting “We want Corn Dogs! We want Corn Dogs!”

Aww look little baby Musicfesters!

Had to make a special delivery on stage as a certain band had it in their rider that they were to get Corn Dogs with extra mustard on stage.

All in all it was a good Musicfest and now we tear down some of the stages and get ready for the superbowl of swine!

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