CBT the Carnie gets ready for BBQ fest

After a good drying out after the Beale Street Music festival I was able to chill in the park as my fellow carnies guys removed 2 of the larger stages, moved the blues tent and cleaned all of those porta poties. If you had the chance to drive by the park or spy tear down from the river walk you understand ‘this thing just doesn’t pack itself away’ and how it has to be organized, planned and then be ready for a mess up and get ready to ‘drop everything’ because it is amazing.
Anyway after some good weather we were able to flip the switch and Tom Lee park turned into “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party!” Enjoy the pics;

Goodbye Limp Bizkit stage
Still amazed that after major flooding, possible tornado, hail and all that spilled beer that the park is still in pretty good shape!

Site guys setting up the BBQ booth lines

Me and Chuck Norris having a cold one on Cinco de Mayo

Here is that wacky Nacho Cheese vendor doing his best Captain imitation

Just saying….but we had more Hispanics in Tom Lee park than at a Mexican Bullfight

Omar the Tent People as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest

Day one of “Hey man I don’t care what this orange line says, I know CBT!”

Oh this is just so wrong on so many levels…

This is how they were able to send me some more Pronto Pup Batter

No he isn’t a laborer, that is my black brother from another mother Terrance at his team booth.
On a side note it was ‘cold as balls’ that day and thanks to some good advice by A.C.
“You can stay warm if you cover your feet and your Monkey!” I still have nothing to say..
Sam’s town goes Sharp

Hey look it is a Ninja!

Miss Piggy Contest
Damn Voodoo Q guys introduced me to Natty Light this month

Chilling with Spaulding of Pork U
(side note) little did we know till Saturday that we were very close to S200 who had a different type of ‘smoke’

Vendors are required to hire short bus workers so we got her a bedazzled shirt

You know being a Pronto Pup guys does have it’s advantages!

Thanks to my Red Bull boys for keeping me W-I-R-E-D during the late hours

Ahh the awards, let either the Bitching or Celebrating start

All I can say is that I was dead arse tired after BBQ yet my boss told me “If I have to drag your arse out of bed I will!” and here is proof!
Oh and English Mike, don’t worry no pics will be posted, same goes for you NYFD boys!



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