CBT completes The Trifecta now where is my T-shirt?

So I got called out today by the fine folks at Main_Street_Journal for taking my sweet arse time posting BBQ pics, first of all thanks for the links but stop yelling at me! Actually Blogger.com was being a big ole Carbunkle and after some cursing I was able to upload the rest of my Memphis in May pics as a Pronto Pup worker.
After a couple days of rest we were heading into the final peg of Memphis in May being the Sunset Symphony. Sadly the Symphony does not get the same Pronto Pup sales as Music Fest but it gives us a chance to take a couple breaths and enjoy the river, the musical acts and even when they blow shit up too!
I have enjoyed the past 45 days as a chief wienie pricker for my buddies at Pronto Pup Inc and wish them well as they head to the next carnie event!

We were working on a new pronto pup cooking tool. Sadly it didn’t work all that well.
Some of my Carnie friends acting a fool (or wait are they acting????)

See what I mean by acting a fool? BTW- No one claimed that Wheel Chair from BBQ.

Big arse Barge

Oh dear, it would appear that the grease has gotten into my skin and I am now praising the pretty bridge!

If I had a 9 iron I could have hit them when they went by

Whew, got the stand set up and we are ready to go. Ok now off to explore…

That is a big arse stage you know!

Ever wondered what a tower of speakers looked like from the bottom?
Oh and when you play ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ for a sound check, the people in Harbor Town lose their shit!

Check 1, Check 2, Check 3, Check 4
Ok we get the picture CBT!

Sorry but I have to say it!
Look KC sure does have a big ole shiny purty Ball!

KC is talking to someone about some additional equipment that he will need for Saturday’s show.
Anyone ever see that Saturday Night Live episode with Christopher Walken?

“Psst, hey dude you are on the wrong page, I sing ‘Shake your Booty’ not ‘Bootie Time’ get it right dude.”

After I delivered KC and the band some Pronto Pups before the show, it was P-A-R-T-Y time!



Hey look it is me taking a picture of people taking pictures of the fireworks!

After a little late night chair throw, it is over my friends, May is over!
Now get the hell out of my park!

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

They even tried to pack us up and send us to the next show but thankfully we escaped!

Ok, I will let you know a Pronto pup secret;
Soak your pronto pup stick in some ‘water’ so they don’t burn.

See that happy face? That is when the Gold Bond finally kicks in!

Closing the books on a great Memphis in May! See ya next year!



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