Hold My Beer…

Ahh the Fourth of July weekend finally a chance to chill out, sleep in and catch Breakfast at Wimbledon.

Here he is Ladies and Gentlemen “The Most stablest man we know”

CBT you take a pic of me on that Blog of yours it is going to be GO time!
Ok Didi I am just going to post it on FB then

As you can tell the Match was kinda boring..

Rather than read the paper I chose to mix me a Mimosa.
What the CBF is that? A Pinky extended while slurping champagne? Oh Hell NO!

Here I am getting into the World Cup Mania after that previous picture

ABD this picture is just for you

Nothing sexier than sausage on the grill you know?

SP explaining to BD that Ticket Master is not the devil

As you can see clearly SP won this debate and all BD can do now is…..

Have another sip of his beer

Ok now let’s burn some $hit up!

Looks like they are trying to park a plane you know?

It is like Cheerleaders (on acid)

Happy 4th!

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