TCB Baby Dead Elvis Week is upon us!

So I have a confession to make to everyone. No I don’t wear a thong or speedo like I banter back and forth on Facebook but I am an closeted Elvis fan. I think it started way back 33 years ago when I was over at a friend’s house the moment I found out that Elvis died on the crapper and remarked “Wow” now can we watch Hogan’s Heros? Over the years I have accepted that the week of ‘Dead’ Elvis Week is going to be the hottest week of the year and that downtown will be taken over by a bunch of Japanese and funny talking English people. Anyway one of the highlights of Death Week are the performers (you don’t call them impersonators – That’s rude) as anyone who will dress up in that hot arse shit in August you have to give props to. It is always my goal to get a pic with as many of them as I can in the course of an evening. Here are a couple of my better pics to get you ready for the King baby. TCB!

Mustached Elvis?
Thank you, Thank you very Much

How great is that, I have the coozie and Elvis’ child bride in the pic!

What is not to love about my dad you know?

Yep I even know one of them too!
TCB and TTK!



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