Dead Elvis Week 2010

A couple of years ago I was told that if you ever wanted to forecast the weather for the future just know that the coldest day in Memphis would be the day that the Liberty Bowl is played and the hottest would be Dead Elvis Week. Well Mother Nature came through again as it was hotter than 2 rats screwing in a wool sock this year. I still to this day recall the day that I found out that Elvis had died as I was over at a friends house when I found out, said “Wow” then went back to watching Hogan’s Heroes. Over the years I have mellowed and actually look forward to ‘Dead Elvis Week’ as the crowd watching is at an all time peak. Even though it was only the 33rd anniversary of his death the crowd was pretty good and I got to cross another ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) off my list as I got a pic with Elvis Patel. Ok on to the pics;

Tears are flowing down my face as I get to the “Hallowed Ground”
Yes we tailgate for the Candle Light Vigil (who doesn’t?)
Decked out in her finest Elvis wear!
Even Auntie Terry wanted in on some Candle Light Vigil
Training em early
What is a Vigil w/o some EP Shades?
Good thing we didn’t have a minister or I would have a new daddy (but wait????)
Barbie and her Boys
Poor Robin she didn’t get to stay and play with us.
That Red dot in the far distance would be Ford who thought this was a Micheal Jackson tribute
Even Lilly wanted in some ETA action!
Kinda Creepy ya know?
Oh Hell Yes I got to have a pic with Indian (dot, not feather) Elvis!
I could have sworn that I talked to him last week when I called computer support
Fancy Candle Holder
Elvis has his own wheels
Damn Barbie, can you get any farther away?
See ya got to get up close for the full effect
Fancy footwear
Oh Hell yes he broke them out!
Still trying figure out Shobo’s camera
The kid really wasn’t into it but doesn’t dad look like Gene Simmons?
They were from Sweden
This could have been Gene Simmons minus the face lifts
Got to love the tributes on the street
If I didn’t know any better that could have been a baby CBT ya know?
Pretty neat shrine
Can I get an AMEN?
Looks like the grave is going to have some flowers added to it by another ETA
Thanks to Memphis in May I knew that this was the Chilean Flag and this South American wasn’t from Texas




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