Month: September 2010

Judy’s Street party

Momma and I attended what I have always referred to as Judy’s Center for Southern Folklore party this weekend and someone upstairs must love her because you couldn’t ask for nicer weather. The people watching was at an all time high as when I showed up on Saturday friends of mine who were selling paintings say “CBT you did bring your camera because there are some people who must not have a mirror in their house.” Anyway here are some of the pics from a great 2 day festival that was 15 blocks from my house. Guess the only thing left for 38103 and festivals is the ‘Arts in the Park South Main Arts Festival” in October.

SB (squared) & RS would be raising all kinds of Hell right now!
Dude you missed it, Southern Decadence is in New Orleans no Memphis!
Aztec or Mayan, I can never tell the difference
What is a festival w/o my good friend Barbara Blue
People ask me where I get my zany FB status updates and the woman on the left is to blame. She must have dropped me on my head when I was a baby when she was sitting for my parents.
They need to sacrifice a Virgin…..Good Luck boys with that!
Reminds me I need to make my one way ticket plane reservation to Belize for 12-21-12 soon
Gene Simmons is that you?
Look it is my former SOL bartender and she has a BABY, at a festival!
They were cute as all get out and had a blast dancing with the band.
Good to be the king!
Here is proof that RB’s man is still alive and kicking
Always liked that motto/Value statement
I forget who came up with that logo but it is cool
Sorry Judy but looks like someone needs to have spell check #epicFail
Dude you are supposed to be on the other blog post
Here RS is feeding baby Eli some red bull and a double espresso!
That reminds me, I need to send another case of scotch to my urologist who preformed my vasectomy!
Damnit Eli look at CBT!
Remember that Virgin comment earlier? Never mind
Kinda scares me that a Trolley filled with kids yell my name!
Not sure what is going on here, but I hope that they just finished up preforming.
The Non Band Geek husbands of AC and Momma.
Barbara is starting to think that I am Missy as that is 2 nights in a row we catch her act. Good to see her again and great to meet Willie Michell’s grand daughter as well. Archie and Boo are great guys and are still keeping Papa’s dream alive.

I know I am out of sorts but I had to post some of these pics from Dead Elvis week prior to the Candle Light Vigil as some are too good not to pass up.  For those of you who have never seen Stumbling Elvis or the Elvis Tribute Artist contest, I encourage you to attend as it is really good. Thanks to @38103girl for hooking us up with the tickets, Thank Thankyou Verrryyy Much!

 Pretty much sums it up ya know?
 “I hope this suit don’t tear up baby!”
 “I am caught in a trap”
 Note to any future ETA who are thinking of competing, I have never seen Young Elvis or GI Elvis win, it is always Jumpsuit Aloha Elvis who wins.
 See what I mean….
 I know this pic is out of sorts but I wanted to share with the class that Monkey Head Maddy is getting ready for Duck Season being the first ever Tiny Toy Poodle retriever.
 Yo King!
 I think there is something wrong with Bone’s lip.
 Why yes PR did dye his hair for Stumbling Elvis, gotta love the devotion to the King!
 Yes I know I am not wearing a jump suit but they don’t make short fat suits ok?
 Even Melzie had to get in the Stumbling Elvis Love!
 I think my Elvis Bobble head got some compliments
 Me and Michelle
 Foster Grant Elvis?
 You have to love this city and the fact that people do crazy shit stuff like this!
 Thank you Very Much! Elvis has left the building!
My Buddy Ebbe dropped in during Dead Elvis Week and will be back in Mid September with 30+ Danes looking for some music and ribs!
To The King!

A picture is worth a thousand words

I know that I have been negligent in my postings as my new job as a porta pottie pumper outer has me pretty busy since football season is now upon us.  Anyway here are some shots that don’t really have a home but are ‘blog worthy’ so in no particular order;

 I actually stopped and had lunch at this business as I loved the sign
 We scored some Sheryl Crow tickets and as you can see “She dances like a girl from South East Missouri” according to Mrs CBT.

 Sorry for the grainy pic but I swear her legs are smaller than my big toe.
 Here she is singing “You were my favorite mistake” to me
 How can you not post a picture of this on a CBT blog?
 Um Schuyler in order for you to hit it straight you need to turn 90 degrees b/c of that Wicked Slice!
 All I want to do is squeeze them and have some Pinot Noir!
 She would kill me if I made a comment about her and the size of the meatball so I will let you make your own commentary in your head.
 Hey Art and Ruthie I think that we could use this down in San Pedro. It was a full semi trailer long of smokers and grills.
This just makes me smile evertime I drive by it on Summer/Tillman

A PSA from CBT about the Bums

Thankfully it has gone down thanks to a new anti panhandling campaign but if you live downtown you inevitably get hit up by a panhandler for spare change. This weekend I attended the Memphis Music Heritage Festival and as I was standing there with fellow crime fighter, Doctor Mike K, drinking our diet coke and bottled water BULLSHIT! we came up with a great idea. As we had to move from our spot on the trolley track to allow 4 north bound trolley’s to pass Doctor King decided to place a penny on the tracks. Naturally it got flattened so before trolley #2 we laid a nickle down. Pretty much we ended flattening 41 cents and then came the idea. Next time I hear “Hey Big Man, Hey Big Man, let me ax you a querston?” (my spell check is going to have a fit over that last sentence. “You got 33 cents so I can get some oil for my car?” Now I can say “Why yes I do” and give him my flattened coins.
BTW – if there are any US Treasury Agents who by chance read my blog who am I kidding no one reads this crap it was Paul R’s idea.

Here comes the first of 4
Pay no attention to that PBR, he is holding it for someone
Poor Abe wishes he was back at that Theater right now
Right now we are all hoping that the trolley doesn’t derail
Flatter than a pancake
You can tell that the bands were not playing as we are all drawn to this
Good action shot of Trolley #2 with Mommas camera
Again, we have nothing better to do than to drink and flatten US Currency
Again, we have nothing better to do!
The ‘after’ picture and let me tell you there is some heat in those suckers
Hey Big Man, Hey Big Man, you got some spare change?
Now is where the silliness is going a little to far ya know?
I don’t the folks at the AT&T store are going to believe this one
Now this Silliness needs to stop, this is Alcohol abuse