I know I am out of sorts but I had to post some of these pics from Dead Elvis week prior to the Candle Light Vigil as some are too good not to pass up.  For those of you who have never seen Stumbling Elvis or the Elvis Tribute Artist contest, I encourage you to attend as it is really good. Thanks to @38103girl for hooking us up with the tickets, Thank Thankyou Verrryyy Much!

 Pretty much sums it up ya know?
 “I hope this suit don’t tear up baby!”
 “I am caught in a trap”
 Note to any future ETA who are thinking of competing, I have never seen Young Elvis or GI Elvis win, it is always Jumpsuit Aloha Elvis who wins.
 See what I mean….
 I know this pic is out of sorts but I wanted to share with the class that Monkey Head Maddy is getting ready for Duck Season being the first ever Tiny Toy Poodle retriever.
 Yo King!
 I think there is something wrong with Bone’s lip.
 Why yes PR did dye his hair for Stumbling Elvis, gotta love the devotion to the King!
 Yes I know I am not wearing a jump suit but they don’t make short fat suits ok?
 Even Melzie had to get in the Stumbling Elvis Love!
 I think my Elvis Bobble head got some compliments
 Me and Michelle
 Foster Grant Elvis?
 You have to love this city and the fact that people do crazy shit stuff like this!
 Thank you Very Much! Elvis has left the building!
My Buddy Ebbe dropped in during Dead Elvis Week and will be back in Mid September with 30+ Danes looking for some music and ribs!
To The King!

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