A picture is worth a thousand words

I know that I have been negligent in my postings as my new job as a porta pottie pumper outer has me pretty busy since football season is now upon us.  Anyway here are some shots that don’t really have a home but are ‘blog worthy’ so in no particular order;

 I actually stopped and had lunch at this business as I loved the sign
 We scored some Sheryl Crow tickets and as you can see “She dances like a girl from South East Missouri” according to Mrs CBT.

 Sorry for the grainy pic but I swear her legs are smaller than my big toe.
 Here she is singing “You were my favorite mistake” to me
 How can you not post a picture of this on a CBT blog?
 Um Schuyler in order for you to hit it straight you need to turn 90 degrees b/c of that Wicked Slice!
 All I want to do is squeeze them and have some Pinot Noir!
 She would kill me if I made a comment about her and the size of the meatball so I will let you make your own commentary in your head.
 Hey Art and Ruthie I think that we could use this down in San Pedro. It was a full semi trailer long of smokers and grills.
This just makes me smile evertime I drive by it on Summer/Tillman


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