A PSA from CBT about the Bums

Thankfully it has gone down thanks to a new anti panhandling campaign but if you live downtown you inevitably get hit up by a panhandler for spare change. This weekend I attended the Memphis Music Heritage Festival and as I was standing there with fellow crime fighter, Doctor Mike K, drinking our diet coke and bottled water BULLSHIT! we came up with a great idea. As we had to move from our spot on the trolley track to allow 4 north bound trolley’s to pass Doctor King decided to place a penny on the tracks. Naturally it got flattened so before trolley #2 we laid a nickle down. Pretty much we ended flattening 41 cents and then came the idea. Next time I hear “Hey Big Man, Hey Big Man, let me ax you a querston?” (my spell check is going to have a fit over that last sentence. “You got 33 cents so I can get some oil for my car?” Now I can say “Why yes I do” and give him my flattened coins.
BTW – if there are any US Treasury Agents who by chance read my blog who am I kidding no one reads this crap it was Paul R’s idea.

Here comes the first of 4
Pay no attention to that PBR, he is holding it for someone
Poor Abe wishes he was back at that Theater right now
Right now we are all hoping that the trolley doesn’t derail
Flatter than a pancake
You can tell that the bands were not playing as we are all drawn to this
Good action shot of Trolley #2 with Mommas camera
Again, we have nothing better to do than to drink and flatten US Currency
Again, we have nothing better to do!
The ‘after’ picture and let me tell you there is some heat in those suckers
Hey Big Man, Hey Big Man, you got some spare change?
Now is where the silliness is going a little to far ya know?
I don’t the folks at the AT&T store are going to believe this one
Now this Silliness needs to stop, this is Alcohol abuse

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