Now I lay me down to Sleep, if I…..

EDITORS NOTE – THERE IS NOTHING WRONG (well I can’t speak for my mind or liver) WITH ME.
One of my fathers Consigliere’s from the days of Ronco Pasta passed away this past week after a vicious battle with cancer and thankfully went peacefully with his family at his side. Out of respect to his great family I attended the wake as I remember MB as a very nice gentlemen and that he always had peppermint candy that he would always share with me. In talking with one of the daughters at the wake, she was upset that people would remember her father in a sickly state as it was an open casket service and honestly he didn’t look like himself. As I was driving home I recalled another funeral in which again the deceased didn’t look like themselves. This got me to think for when the day that CBT kicks the bucket so here is what I would like for my final wishes;

  1. No open casket – Burn my arse up and I want my ashes spread over the second largest barrier reef in Belize on a Catamaran with all my friends in attendance.
  2. No sappy music for me, I want Elvis’ Trilogy to be played as they are scattering me and I expect every glass/bottle raised.
  3. My assets – give some money to my surviving family, The Poor Clarie’s, and the rest to pay for the bar tab at my memorial service.
  4. No tears, I want everyone to start a comment with “You remember when Crazy arse CBT……”
  5. I expect the Arkansas Fight Song to be played at some time during the party
  6. The Finest Cigars should be smoked.
  7. A Beach BBQ should be in order.
  8. Maybe a beer pong table also.
  9. I would like for there to be a CBT Memorial Horse Race at Oaklawn Racetrack and for there to be at least one Grey horse in the running. Pink Silk for the Jockey would be a bonus.
  10. I want a good time and everyone wondering “Do you think he has cold beer in Hell?”

Again, there is nothing wrong with me I just want to get that stuff settled and out of the way. Ok onto the South Main Oktoberfest to drink beer.

It is just strange that they have him buried in the backyard just like a pet hamster.

I mean who wouldn’t want to be scattered there?

Yep I will be kicking it with Paisano once again.

I have to say this is one of my most Macabre posts that I have ever done.




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