But it is Sunday!

Ah the annual Funny Hat Day, the yearly tradition of donning a ridiculous hat and proudly wear it like a badge of honor.  This year thanks to a little pre-marketing we were able to get a great record crowd at the Saucer downtown and the fine folks at the Saucer were nice enough to provide a crappy fire sale and a server who never cracked a smile the entire day. Anyway this year I have to say that the originality o’meter was pegged as we saw some great new hats as well as some old ones.  Congrats to the 5 drivers who decided that they wanted to go the wrong way on Second and shout outs to those who we Yea’d and also Boo’d. A good time was had by all and thanks to some beer infused creativity this winter we are starting a new tradition.

The Monkey approves of this photo

This is my everyday hat!
Every good southern woman should have a pink sequined cowgirl hat as well as plenty of leggings to be worn as pants I say!
No Pictures please 
How do you really feel about the fire sale?
Not only did they run out of Bud Light they didn’t even fill the damned pint glass

The Godfather – The originator of FHD and the original Funny Hat (with the tag still attached)

Mam do you know you have a….. Oh never mind

Not only does PR wear the Funny Hat he makes sure it matches his outfit!

Got to love the Tourists

Show up to FHD without a hat and you get to wear the pink cowgirl hat as a penalty 

We said no pictures! The monkey is getting angry at you 

Imagine driving South on Second and you see this group

Even when we told her that we were leaving did she not crack a smile 

English Mike in Spirit! 

The wicked witch of the west called and she wants her hat back 

No really the hat matches your eyes 

Sorry FH but the image of you wearing the cowboy hat is still engraved in my memory 

He is 6’5″ and 7’3″ with the hat! 

Here is the last picture of MK as HS’s car is barreling down the road

Strawberry Shortcake


I am Rick James Biotch! 

Strawberry Shortcake with Dirty Sanchez 

Not only does the make a fashion statement, it is reversible too! 

If only we had walkie talkies, zipties and the AOC van. 

This isn’t my Funny Hat, my head is cold up in here! 

HS slipped a ‘mickey’ into Mikey’s beer


Don’t worry we checked and the bird is old enough to drink!

And now the top hat goes back on the wall till next year!

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