Month: December 2010

Birds of a Feather Flock…

together right? Some of my friends have wondered where I get my general silliness and I always remark that my mother must have been using illicit drugs while she was carrying me. Now when you add 12+ years of Catholic school, paint chips and sniffing glue it is a wonder how I survived and am still above ground eating solid food right? I have always known that there are people out there as jacked up as I am who also have a ‘creative’ spirit but I have to say that I may have a fellow freak sister up in St. Louis. Rx Bambi up in St. Louis was a year behind me and dated a good friend of mine back in the day when ‘going together’ was the thing to do. As people do, you go off to college, get married, get kids (WHY?), and then you find each other on Facebook and since a shrink’s couch is too expensive you blog about your life experiences. I mean if I didn’t have the CBT blog, I probably would be curled up in the fetal position of the house with a bottle of booze sucking my thumb.
Anyway I digress….You see Rx Bambi sadly has a fault (other than being friends of mine) in that she is a St. Louis Cardinal fan and being that I am a devout Cub fan we must bicker and place wagers on all Cub/Cards games. Last year we placed an ongoing bet of Dollar a game, dime a run in which the winner at the end of the year had to pay the winner. Sadly last year the Cubs lost the season series so I paid her back sorta with Belizean money, IOU’s and finally with a 3rd party out of state check and she wrote This Blog Entry about my payments and I have to say it was pretty funny.
This year my beloved Cubs took candy from the baby as we won the season series and I was looking forward to using my $2.50 for trolley fare and even a tip to my favorite bartender when I received her envelope in the mail yesterday.
Not only did she raise the bar and beat me at my own game by paying the bet in coupons but she also made sure that they were to expire on her birthday this year! Good one SMK, I will get you back (and your little dog too!)
Please by all means peep out her blog as she hasn’t written much as of late hint put down the bottle of wine and get to cracking there Bambi but I know she will start in the near future. Good times there SMK, and I will get you back!

I knew when I saw this picture of Rx Bambi that she wasn’t right. This does beg the question do they or don’t they?

At least she got something right, I mean Memphis isn’t the Crime Capital anymore!

Here they are, all 6 coupons totaling $2.50 (but wait till she finds out that I am waiting for triple coupon day at Gangsta Kroger and use my EBT card and get $7.50 in money!)

Again thanks SMK, if you were good you would have mailed them to me so that they would have arrived on 12.30.10 (next year)

Looks like I will bring my stretchy pants for this bonus!

But this now begs the question WTF do I need denture cleaner?
TTK and good one SMK, we may come up in Feb for Mardi Gras so we will have to make a picture.