A Couple of Things Said, Heard or Texted During The Sugar Bowl

So CBT made a trip to the Big Easy for the Allstate Sugar Bowl and as expected a wild time was had by all. Don’t worry I will get some pictures up on here but I have to share with my 3 readers some of the hilarious comments that were said, heard or texted during the 3 fun filled days.
Oh and don’t worry I will protect the drunks innocent and not divulge names but you know who you are!

1. “I need a Bloody Mary and Imodium”

2. “Robo I haven’t been this drunk since 1994 Catfish Row!”

3. “Well at least for the 4th quarter we can have a drink in the French Quarter.”

4. “You Arkansas Fans are so inbred; you put your head up the ass of a plastic Hog Hat.”
“Dude, it is 75 degrees outside – you are wearing a sweater vest and have a necklace of nuts
around your neck.”

5. “So you are suffering from the ole Restaurant equipment syndrome eh?”
“What is that?”
“That is where your butt resembles a soft serve machine.”
“Yep you are correct.”

6. “That could have been the best thing I have put in my mouth in a long time…..Yep even that too!”

7. “Where are you?”
“I really can’t divulge that information at this time due to National Security.”
“You are at Ricks aren’t you?”
“No Comment”

8. “Hey I know that Tu-Tu!”
“No you do not!”

9. “Can I get a Bud Light and a Coors Light?”
“That is fine guys but just to let you know we gave last call 2 minutes ago.”
“Better make it 3 Bud Lights and 3 Coors Light then.”

10. “Just in case I get drunk, my room number is 1228 should I forget and then call you.”

11. “After this weekend I am going to boil my shoes in bleach!”

12. “How are you doing, my name is XXX or you can call me by my alias Hot Ass Mess.”

TTK and Try the Veal!



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