CBT takes to the Track!

So with the 3 day weekend Momma and I decided to get out of town and hit up the Track since it was opening weekend. Given the temps were in the 30’s we didn’t take up our spot on the rail as hypothermia isn’t all that cracked up to be. We opted for the Sports bar where we could have a place to sit, spread out all of our crap and of course drink beer soft drinks. Opening weekend or early in the 2011 racing season is much like trying to find a virgin at a Hedonism Resort as the jockeys are not used to horses, the cold weather makes it hard to handicap and quite honestly no one knows who/how/when horses are going to react. My normal favorites exacta boxing was producing some good results but it was that big beautiful gray 30-1 long shot that won in the 9th that made me a happy man.
Later that evening we got to watch the Jets/Patriots game and God love John P McNicholas, he cheered from Heaven and got them a win. That man loved 3 things, Horse Racing, the Jets and Kettle One so it was only natural that I had a couple in his honor.
Now a good friend of mine once told me that gambling on religious holidays or National Holidays is not a good thing as one normally does not win since God is mad at you. I guess that Doctor King was a little peeved at CBT because I couldn’t pick my butt with both hands and a map! There was fog all the way to the deck, the track conditions were disintegrating each race and since we had to drive that beer wasn’t hitting the spot. On a side note since you couldn’t see past the bet board on the track there really wasn’t any live commentating but Terry Wallace, Oaklawn’s longtime announcer, did offer some funny comments.
“The Horses are nearing the starting gate….Trust me on this” – When they were loading in for the 6 1/2 fulong races
“And they are off!!!!! we will find out who is leading when they get around to the mile 1/16th pole.”
“Calvin Borel must have his night time goggles on as he is in the lead!”
It was a good time other than that! Hope to make my money back next visit.
Yep that highlight on the left is a grey horse that I bet!

Grey Conditions as we popped out to get a glimps of the rail

Not a bad crowd on a Sunday

Yep that is water

Not saying the Arlington is old but that candy machine looks like it was circa Al Capone

Line for the Zenyatta Bobble head was pretty long on Monday

That was the only time that track was Fast (TWSS) Next race it went to good, then fair

Is this England?

Never seen anything like it before

When they started at the mile 1/16 start

Thank God for the Carousel Lounge

My Zenyatta Bobble head!



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