CBT Returns to the Mecca in Whitehaven for the 34th anniversary

I recall the day like it was yesterday, I was over at the Chandler’s house about to watch Hogans Hero’s (I probably was on TV restrictions for doing something stupid) and the network broke in with a breaking news special report. Elvis Presley has been pronounced dead at Baptist Hospital (now a grassy spot on Union Avenue) and the world changed that day my friends. You see it took 20 or so years for CBT to get the Elvis bug in that when you see what one man did to change music, either like him or not, you have to respect him. This year marked the 34th anniversary of his death and like clockwork the streets of Memphis were clogged with Mutton Chop wearing foreigners from all over the world. Each year the crowd gets a little older but I have to say that there is no place on earth like Graceland during Dead Elvis Week.
This year Mrs CBT didn’t want to make the pilgrimage so I enlisted someone who had never been before and Lindsey was nice enough to make the drive over to Whitehaven with me. Now you see my mother and her silly old fool friends kind of go a step above a normal vigil in that they bring food and drink (grape juice I assure you) and we celebrate this as a pseudo-tailgate. Sadly the crowd wasn’t like it has been in years past and I was told that a lot of tourists cancelled their trip to Graceland because of our May Floods. So thanks Al Roker I hope you choke on a Jelly Donut you Fraud! Anyway the weather was nice, the Tribute Artists were out in plenty and there were a couple of nice street tributes. Enough with my rambling let’s get to the pictures.

I drive 20 minutes to see this sign and there are some to travel 20 hours, either way you have to respect some Graceland followers
Don’t know how those Rebel Flag people would take this.
Lindsey to me “Look CBT there is a Tribute artist, do you think he would let me take a picture with him?” “Lindsey he came here and dressed in that outfit so people would want to take pictures with him!”
And with that Lindsey is no longer a Elvis Tribute Artist Picture taker Virgin

From Canada I think

The Cousin Eddie Jacked kinda threw me off

Our Friend Tia showed up also and wanted to get in some E.T.A. picture taking too!

I think this E.T.A. fell in love with our girl Tia

Say what you will anyone can grow out their sideburns and put on a hot arse jumpsuit but to get TCB Ink speaks volumes. LD & Mel you better be taking notes!

Again that is an interesting place to put the gates of Graceland but you have to admire her spirit!

You know he was old enough if Elvis were still alive today….

Notice Little Sister (No pun intended) in the baby carriage..Yes she was decked out too!

Mommy why are all these strange people taking my picture?

If Elvis were a truck driver

Here is how this went down right before this picture was taken – “CBT you put down that beer and get the camera, there is a Hot Elvis I have to have my picture taken with!”

“What do you mean you only go out with women who are named Priscilla?”

I had a picture of him a couple years back I think, but here is Elvis Patel Presley (and not a bad singer either)
Here is the Silly Old Fools and their spread (yes those are PB & Banana sandwiches in the Tupperware containers)

Barbie feeding the Men & Women in Blue

Think he was from Orlando, FL

Yes he had more hair gel in his hair than I did

Tia was realizing that she was lacking in the number of E.T.A. pictures

Start em young I say!

Even little brother got into the EP spirit with some shades & burns

I have to say the G.I. Elvis Dress was pretty cool

God Love her it had to be hot in that thing

I pledge allegiance to Elvis Presley….

File this under WTF is that…..

Another Canadian Elvis Tribute Artist

He looked more like Jerry “The King” Lawler (& smelled like him too)

I am running out of steam by now…

Not a bad Street Tribute

They were just getting warmed up (I do like the rose on each side of the lightning bolt)
And so another year, another Dead Elvis Week, see everyone next year at 35!



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