Month: January 2012

Hi My Name is Carbunkle Trumpet and I am an addict

Yeah, what about that 2012 is going to be the year of CBT doing more blogging eh? Well stop yelling at me, I have been busy as of late with getting hair out of the shower drain and curing shin splints, but more on that later. So this morning after I got out of bed, stole the neighbors newspaper and made sure the dog peed and pooped, I naturally, got on my iFoam to see what was happening in the world according to Twitter, Facebook and see what spam emails I had to delete. After determining that yes Joe Patterno did indeed pass away (Way to go @CBSSports for screwing the pooch on that) I got on the ole treadmill to put in my 30 minute of huffing and puffing. Yes you read that correctly, CBT is now a jogger, who would have thought that eh? Anyway after accumulating a gallon of sweat in my socks and shirt I promptly sat in the floor of the bedroom and after half-arse stretching I again, out of habit, checked to see if anything was different on Twitter.
Mrs Trumpet, who was sitting in the bed reading her newspaper and drinking her coffee (that I fetched, I might add), was quick to say to me “You really can’t put that damned thing away can you?” My first comment was “Oh not me, I can quit anytime!” but she was spot on, I have a problem and I have no one to blame but myself. I informed Mrs Trumpet that I was trying to verify that Joe Paterno was indeed dead but there was no doubting that she busted me. I informed her that I would put the iFoam away and not use it today to which she said good and mentioned something about breakfast. Stubbornly, I put the phone back on the charger and felt the social media fingers tightening around my throat for a minute but that was just my out of shape telling me that I am fat. After a quick shower and a thorough washing of my 220lb body (and you wonder why I am now jogging) I dressed and worked on that breakfast that was mentioned earlier.
After breakfast and some other chores I then realized that I had gone almost 2 hours without checking Email, Facebook, or even *Aghast* Twitter and I hadn’t burst into flames. I may actually survive this! What did I do in the meantime you ask, well I read the daily newspaper. I confirmed that un-subscribing to it was a good thing and even glanced at some of the magazines that we have at the house. It was then that it got me a thinking and for someone who one brain cell away from being the girl who does the “My Drunk Kitchen” that it was like I was on vacation. Now before I get raked over the coals by some of my fellow snarky 38103 residents no, I am not referring to Bill Murray in “What about Bob?” and his ‘vacation from himself’ I am referring to the feeling of not being in touch with the world.
You see when CBT and Mrs CBT goes on holiday I make it a point not to try to ‘keep up with the world’ and just chill out and let things happen. Belize, CA back in the day was a great example in that we didn’t have TV’s in the room, our cellphones were useless and the only TV in the hotel was on either the Weather Channel or Soccer and I loved it! Talk about stepping off the grid, you were literally out of touch with society and it was this that I enjoyed…and the beer…and the rum,,,ok and the food and the people too! Now when we visit “that shitty little island” we only use the cellphone for texting each other and don’t surf the net or check FB or Twitter. When we head up to Dale Hollow Lake during Labor Day weekend our cellphones are out of range and to be honest, I really enjoy it. We have all seen that car commercial where there are 4 guys in an SUV and they keep checking to see what you originally think is “I am out of Range” when actually he is searching to be out of cellular service. That is what I am talking about.
So rather than Jonesing to see what bar my friends are checking into, looking at pictures of a friend’s vacation that he/she is still on, and I have to say that it is a welcome feeling. I guess I can blame my ADD and bad habits but I really need to start working on this. You probably have seen the “No Cellphones at the Table” game (Probably on Facebook or Twitter) where everyone at the table stacks their cellphone on the table before dinner and the first one who reaches for his/hers has to pay the tab. It is a simple game and yet when I go to a friends house, go watch a game at the bar or have dinner, I am as bad as the next guy.
Maybe this is a good thing, maybe I need to stop reading people’s stupid rants about not having fast service at a restaurant and stop to smell the coffee. Who knows, maybe CBT may go back to brick phone….
Keep it light and get off the damn phone!