Don’t switch to Cable and end up in a Porta Pottie

So Day 1 of the Beale Street Music Festival is in the books. Saw a post on Facebook from a friend of mine who works the corn dog counter at the Bud Light Stage saying that they found someone passed out in a Porta – Pottie well after the park was closed. My initial reaction was “aww damn that kid that was smoking the nasty stink weed got a little crazy after I saw him at Girl Talk” but really? Come on! That is better than that kid that passed out after the BCS game in New Orleans and they tea bagged him.  Anyway after I get the 10 pounds of dirt out of my nose from a dry Tom Lee Park….Yes I said it, the park is mud free and albeit a tad warm, we should have 2 more great days of Music, Ice cold Beer and porta-potties!  I have more pics and will upload them one of these days but Florence and the Machine so far are my best of show.




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