CBT is in a bind and needs a buttload of Bolognese Sauce Quick!

So the phone rings this afternoon as I am slacking off playing on Facebook  working up a storm and it is our Head Chef/Bottle Washer from the Italian Fest Team that I am on. He asks how things are going and do I have the Gravy (if you don’t know what that means it’s ok, it means Sunday Spaghetti Sauce) ready and I tell him that I have another week to worry about that right?
Bill – “Um CBT, we move into the Park tomorrow and start drinking fellowshiping Thursday night!”
CBT – “Well ain’t that a biotch, guess I need to get cracking eh?”
Bill – “I have some diced tomatoes, some ground beef, and some onions do think you can make some magic with that?”
CBT – “Bring it on, guess I am cooking tonight while Momma plays poker tonight!”
Recalling a great Bolognese Sauce Recipe that I have, I figured that I could make up something….in a 20 gallon pot….overnight!  Since our good friends Chunky and Ruth from MN cooked up a storm this past weekend and I haven’t given you a CBT Cooking 101 class in a while, well here goes nothing! 
 My Sous Chef is watching as I chopped the 10#’s of Onions.  Yes she just had knee surgery or as we call it “A Trip to Belize” surgery. She is doing fine but can’t walk for another 2 more weeks.
 I actually prefer Crushed or Whole Peeled Tomatoes but beggars can’t be choosers when given 3 cans of Diced Tomatoes. I recalled an old trick that Chef Rudy Cerrito (RIP) of the Former Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant used to do. Yep I spent many a meal at that place, I sometimes think that I was conceived there under the fake tree but that’s another story.
Anyway Rudy, when in a pinch, would take his immersion blender to a #10 can of Diced Tomatoes and go to town on it. 
Cue the Frank Sinatra Music Please 

 Viola! Crushed Tomatoes for the Bolognese Sauce!
 Like I said I am in a pinch so in goes a bottle from the wine cellar that hasn’t been opened. I think that EP would be ok with this….after I had a glass or two of it.
Well Crap Maddy! What am I going to do about fresh Basil?
Maddy – “What about those planters you have in the backyard that I am too short to pee on?”
CBT – “Good Call Kato, off to the Garden!”

 A bunch of the chefs at work have gone to using an oriental chopping knife as it can chop and then it makes it easier to transfer said chopped product to the pot. Glad I bought one of those suckers on my last visit to the Restaurant Supply house.
 Yeah I used more Basil than that
 How am I going to stir this thing? Oh wait where is my B.A.P. (Big Arse Paddle)
 And we are done! Now to let it simmer for 15 – 20 hours and we will be having some Bolognese Sauce this Saturday night at Italian Festival!
So you want the recipe? Ok, I am not stingy but you will have to dial it down if you want to make it into smaller quantities. It includes; (3) #10 Cans of Diced Tomatoes, 10# Ground Beef, 10# of Onions, 3 stalks of Celery, 3 bunches of Carrots, Olive Oil, Chopped Garlic, Favorite Spices, bottle of wine and fresh Basil.

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