Downtown Sports Bar turns into a Wine and Spa Joint!

So a couple of weeks ago as I was sipping my Vodka and Soda Diet Coke at my favorite South Main Sports bar (I know that Rocky doesn’t do internet so I am safe not mentioning the Tavern) and we were discussing world peace the upcoming nuptials of the owner of the bar to his high school sweetheart. The name of the bar is named after him and we said that it would be funny if we changed the bar into the name of his soon to be bride. Well naturally as all good things happen while sitting in a bar, a plan was made and it was amazing how many people rolled out for the meeting and then for the transformation. The happy couple was married in Mexico and our plan was to change Max’s into Cayley’s Sports bar on Sunday night but those plans got changed once we found out that Cayley would be starting back to school on Monday and wouldn’t get a chance to see our handiwork. We then enlisted the other owner into inviting them to have drinks then have dinner at one of the restaurants across from the bar and have a “Drop in for a beer” where we could showcase our hard work.
Naturally the newlyweds were running late but I assured my accomplice who was inviting them for a beer that we were good and that I realized that it was ploy for him to make all of us sit in his bar and order more drinks as we were waiting. Needless to say “Operation Cayley’s Sports Bar” was a huge success and many thanks to all of those who helped decorate, plan and coordinate the undertaking. While we were there waiting on them a New Orleans Saints fan came in and even got excited about the new menu as we replaced the old standbys with girly food samplings such as Water Cress sandwiches and Baked Brie with fruit.
Congrats to Max and Cayley from your Downtown family!
 Mikey at the Planning Meeting
 Some of the Accomplices
 More of them
 Don’t worry Billy, he won’t know that it you.
 Taps Before
 Way to go Michelle, you let the Damn Bar run out of PBR!
 Table Tops Before
 The Menu before
 Texting with the owner who is helping keep the happy couple out of the bar
 It’s Showtime!
 Big thanks to Darin McDonald of McDonald Outdoor Sign for the signage!
 Looks like a Pepto Bismol Bar
 Ferns? The only thing growing here is the mold in the beer drains
 Signing the Card
 Jean the sewing machine. Also notice that the TV’s have been turned from sports to either Lifetime or the O network.
 No I did not hang that sign, I put Nikki on my shoulders and we did it as a team!
 She is going to pee herself when she sees this!
 Sorry TA, you have been replaced with Taylor Swift
 New Tap Covers
 The only time that Michelle let us behind the bar to change the Taps. Oh Jean can I have a Kettle and Soda while you are there?
 New Menu’s
 More pink here than at a Breast Cancer Run
 Waiting for the Newlyweds
 Up to no good!
 Had to give Michelle some props for working 16 days consecutive while Max was on his honeymoon. And she did not kill anyone either!
 The Bride gets her own beer
 Sorry Max but it is now half of her bar too
 She loved it!
 How in the hell did you????
 She likes it!
 I will be glad when that stuff is gone
The Team that did the job! Thanks guys and gials!


  1. Loved, loved, loved it!!!! We can't thank y'all enough for such a wonderful and fun surprise! Our downtown family is truly awesome and we are very blessed with such great friends!!


  2. Loved, loved, loved it!!!! We can't thank y'all enough for such a wonderful and fun surprise! Our downtown family is truly awesome and we are very blessed with such great friends!!


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