Carbunkle Trumpet takes his show to Mexico

Monumental – mon·u·men·tal/ˌmänyəˈmentl/
1. Great in importance, extent, or size.
2. (Of a work of art) Great in ambition and scope 
Who would have thought that you would be getting an English lesson on Carbunkle’s blog today? The reason that I chose this word to start the blog you ask, it was because to bring 40 people together for a destination wedding is pretty amazing….or monumental if you ask me!  Yep, ole AJ, Airport Johnny, Jonathan or known in some circles as the spotted rhino picked him a helluva good girl and they became husband and boss.  Before we go crazy, let’s backtrack a tad shall we?
First of all, apologies to all my Belizean readers as this is going to come as a shock but we really liked the Yucatan Peninsula area of Mexico and Cozumel. I mean I don’t know what those Mayan’s were thinking when they dug the channel up at Bacalar Chico, it really is as beautiful as Belize and the creature comforts were a bonus too.  Now for those of you who think that Mexico is all about the gang/drug wars, we didn’t get shot at, we didn’t fear for our lives and if you can believe this, the media really has blown this out of proportion. Now granted we were staying at an all-inclusive resort in Cozumel but of my trips outside of the free booze and food zone were nothing like the media has portrayed it to be. Thankfully I didn’t get stir crazy by being at the same place (my ADD can get the best of me) and the food was very good and had a lot of variety.
Now back to the reason for the trip, so AJ and Val (orie) decided to get hitched down in Mexico and like I said before, to have a handful of friends is doing pretty good but to have 40, wow that is impressive!  The different groups represented were from Texas (Val’s home state), Philly/NYC (AJ’s stomping grounds) and us Beef Jerky toting peeps from Crime-Free Memphis. All got along great and I am happy to report that of all the drunken antics, none were from Memphis or Philly but from Texas! The staff at the Cozumel Palace was great and was able to clean the flood from the overflowing Jacuzzi.  The wedding was just like we like them; quick, to the point, and even had a translator too! AJ to seal the deal on good weather celebrated an old Mayan ritual of burying 2 knives crossed in the sand so that we would not have any rain on the day of the wedding but little did he also know it is also for fertility and lots of kids. We can’t wait for him to trade in the pathfinder for a minivan in 9 to 10 months!  
As I get back into wearing shoes, not day drinking and not enjoying eating my weight in Guacamole I would like to wish the happy couple all the best and am glad that I now have some new best friends – in Texas and in Philly/NYC. 
Ok enough onto the pictures. 
EDITORS NOTE – Out of respect for the bride and for the volleyball spiking photographer I will not post any pictures of the bride and groom from the nuptials or the reception. Pepé you are safe too!
 When in Rome Mexico….
 Don’t worry Justin, this picture is the one that is going up on the wall
 Mrs CBT checking out the illegal and the LSU fan
Oh yeah you are so money!
 Poor Danielle has no idea what she is in for
Cozumel Palace from the dock
 He really needs to learn how to relax ya know?
 Service at the hotel was horrible, we never got a decent meal….
So that is how she got over here from Mexico….jk Love you Adri!
 It takes a village to make the groom look this good!

 The Bride to be and Adri
Got Dayem it CBT will you knock it off with the pics?
Danielle and Pepé ….wait am I missing something? #Fail
Get used to the glasses there Jim Lee, it gets better when you turn 40!
Insert your best Stliffer’s Mom & Finch Joke here

They say you are what you eat..Funny but neither of us recall eating sexy beasts

Mexico’s version of Fireball!

Here is Danielle and Pepé again….do I see a common thread here? #failagain
She is cute, holds down a good job and can make her own clothes too. Pepé you break up with her and we have decided to keep her over you.
Mother of the Bride, I love her!

Day after the wedding and I am celebrating day 5 of not having to take the little Mexican white pill/cork

Someone didn’t have the same luck as I did. Oh btw there AJ, nice ring there!

Rick James Shrine (he left for Memphis that morning)
Sorry AJ but Val said to pick this up for you today!

Yep we are all sober… a New Orleans Judge!

A minor ankle sprain by Mrs Katz but she is still all smiles (she must have already taken painkillers booze)

Sunset over the Pool of the Cozumel Palace on SundayFunday
I love this woman and not because she flooded her room

Remember when I said that she sprained her ankle, guess who got First Class Service back to the states?
No One Likes a quitter!
Mr and Mrs Lott’s first dance
Oh and congrats to Pepé and Justin, your pictures will not make the blog but will be shrined on the walls of Bar 595. By the way, I know that Kenjie will disagree with me on this but there are 51 other weeks in a year that we have fun in Crime-Free Memphis other than BBQ fest so come on down, we will leave the light on for you!



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