Month: September 2012

Carbunkle/Scoop Productions

Over the years I have become a tad jaded (what you CBT, jaded…NEVER) with regards to Social Media. To me it has turned into online panhandling, a diary, a way to get fired from your job and a non-confrontational fight. Hence if you ever read my Facebook posts, I am posting things that people wonder if I did indeed get dropped on my head as a child or ate the crap out of some lead based paint chips. I am fine with it as I have a lot of my Facebook “friends” hidden as I don’t give two shits about who you plan on voting for or your view of local government. Sorry but I have enough on my plate.  On occasion social media does indeed do some good and here is one of those stories. A little background info first;
A good friend of mine spent some time in Nashvegas working and got involved with the local music scene over there. When Nashville had the floods of 3 years ago he helped get local acts to preform for various fundraisers and even though he did this on the side, he is pretty good at it. He moved back to Crime-Free Memphis and got involved with the Memphis Farmers Market downtown by Central Station doing volunteer work. One of his jobs was to secure musical acts to play at the market and before you say “Well Crap CBT, anybody could do that” I would like to remind everyone that all the musical acts don’t get a penny from the Farmers Market as they do this for tips. It is one thing to do something for free but to do it at 8:AM on a Saturday, that takes a special promoter if you ask me.  Now obviously Mark does get them some other ‘paying’ gigs but he has an uphill battle securing musical acts if you ask me.
One act that he got to play at the Market and to drive down from Nashville was Karen_Waldrup as even though she is considered a “Country” singer I wouldn’t necessarily categorize her as that. Anyway Mark (who we jokingly call his music production company Flowered Manbag Productions) also gets Karen a gig at the Green Beatle downtown that night and Mrs Trumpet and I catch her act. Great show, lots of fun and again, I am not a country fan perse but we both liked her show. She then plays Memphis a couple more times in the year and when we could catch her act, we would.
Now you are saying “What the hell does this have to do with Social Media?” allow me to get to the point. So back this summer Karen posts on her Facebook page “Anyone know anything about Belize?” to which one of my friends and fellow beer juice drinkers, Mike King, replies that she should talk to me since I seem to have a problem and keep going down there each and every year. I get her email address and forward her some information about the country, the island we keep on visiting and give her some blogs/websites to look over. She replies that she would be interested in playing music at one of the local bars/establishments and did I know anyone who she could talk to. I get her in touch with Rebecca_C as she is an expat living down there and managed one of the local joints down there who had live music. I didn’t give it two thoughts and went back to my praying to 9lb 8oz Baby Jesus on Facebook and hoping that my college football team would turn the corner and win a frigging game.
Sure enough ole Flowered Manbag Productions gets Karen to play the Green Beetle a couple of weeks back and as I was perusing on her website I see that the next act she plays after Memphis was Wet Willy’s Cantina in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Belize. I remarked “Holy Friggin Crap” Wow she got a gig down there, good job San Pedro Scoop and shot her an email as she was returning from a trip to Columbia. Sure enough Karen was going to play a benefit concert down there for a great cause and not to be outdone by Mark, I had to do a little music promotion myself. I shot an email down to my friends Tia Chocolate Taco Girl , and Collette & Maya that they need to spread the word and pack out the joint as they will love her music. Needless to say the show was a great success and they raised a bunch of money for Mama Villma’s Family Home. I jokingly told Rebecca in an email that after Karen wins her 5 Grammy’s next year we can say “I remember when we got her that Belize gig!”
Yesterday as I was heading to the local beer juice bar to drown my sorrows I run into Mark. We talked about how cool it is that friends can network and use social media to do some better good for mankind rather than bitch about who may or may not be in office next year. Who knows maybe Flowered Manbag Productions should partner with Carbunkle/Scoop Productions and we start making some big money! Anyway I am glad to help out and thanks to my friends down south for raising some money. Now back to my off the cuff Facebook status updates. 
Here is Mark (aka Flowered Manbag Productions) and Karen Waldrup at the Farmer Market 

Here is the other half of Carbunkle/Scoop Productions Rebecca
She is going to kill me as she, like me, hates having her picture taken (Sorry Scoop)

The Flyer for her gig at Wet Willy’s  

 I have no ideas what Tia said to this poor girl but I can assure you it was all lies!

Here is Taco Girl and Emily also another great blog written down in Belize.
Keep it light and TTK!
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