Month: November 2012

Funny Hat Day goes to South Main

Imagine that you are driving in the South Main district this past Sunday. The weather is great, the Grizz were hosting the Miami heat later that afternoon,then you drive by The Double J Smokehouse and see a packed patio with a bunch of people wearing strange hats. What the Corn Bread Feck is going on you ask yourself? Did the loony bin not lock the gate? The circus in town? Nope it was the 7th annual Funny Hat Day celebration!  
This years FHD celebration we decided to change venues from the windows of the Flying Saucer and thanks to the staff at Double J, we enjoyed drink specials and were welcomed with open arms and hat racks. This year’s hats did not disappoint as we had some new ones and of course the original FHD veteran the Fuzzy Pink Pimp Hat.  Many thanks to the staff at the Double J and those who helped pull off another great Funny Hat Day.  
 Lord Helmet from Space balls? 

No that isn’t a white Run DMC wearing a Mardi Gras hat, that is our Philadelphia Eagle fan. More on him later. 

If you look over to the right you can see the original Fuzzy Pink Pimp Hat that our founder placed on his head 7 years ago.
Why so angry JL? It is Funny Hat Day, everyone should be happy on this day! 

Case in point, here comes Terrance wearing a hat that has some flowers that were previously on a funeral plot earlier in the day.
Somewhere in the Front Street Condos a child is missing his Halloween headgear.
Not sure where KC got her hat but we can be assured it didn’t match her outfit.
Insert Alice and Wonderland Joke here
The Monkey is judging you and also is in need of a shave
He makes this look easy!
Guess the Peabody Hotel bellhop is taking his Union break in South Main

Only thing that KM needs is some Orange Pants
Good to see that Shannon got out for FHD. I mean all she has been doing since May was laying on her butt. (Kidding SP, we love you and good to see you doing so well) 
No this isn’t the Museum Scene from The Thomas Crown Affair 
You recall my Mexico Post well AJ is a Philly fan and his lovely wife Mallory is a Cowboy’s fan. Today also marked the first meeting of their teams since they bought that joint timeshare and as you can see, someone isn’t happy! 
If you shoot a self portrait from above you can’t see all my double chins.
Oh and RAB, the pic that we took didn’t make it because it was blurry. I blame the red short wearer for the blurriness. 
Yep someone did not have a good Eagles/Cowboy game. 
Again, thanks to all those who attended and we will see you next year!

There was a hanging last night at Bar 595

Periodically I get asked what in the heck is Bar 595 from my check in’s on foursquare or if they see one of my 595 coozies, allow me to bring you up to date here. Anyway over the years I would find a particular funny/embarrassing pic of one of my friends who frequents the bar and would replace the movie pic with it. This has lead to many a “are you friggin kidding me, where did you find that pic” conversation when guests would see a new picture hanging in the bar. There have been some who bust my chops for not being hung in the “wall of shame fame” and there have been some who provide me with pictures but like Reagan said in that famous debate “I am paying for this microphone” so no dice.  Once you make the wall, well your drinks are free at Bar 595, and you get a free coozie and it is hard to come down unless you really piss us off but to date there have been no de-hanging’s.   I have even gotten help from complete strangers in finding good pictures of friends of ours. One was a friend of Jimmy Lee from back in the MySpace days and that pic still hangs on the wall to this day. On occasion we have stumbled on an even funnier picture of one of our friends so naturally we will replace it and keep the bar “fresh”.
So this past week I decided to fire up the ole printer and hang some new ones on the wall and since I post so infrequently on the blog, I would kill 2 birds with one stone. Without further adieu on to the pics;

The west wall and here you can see Bar 595 director of marketing, English Mike Barns jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a 595 coozie on his arm

Here is the North Wall and as you can see Uma from Pulp Fiction, still plenty of space left there Mallory Horner so watch out!

The ole South Wall and here to the left of the Miter is our travel companion from NYC
Existing Member and yes that is the Big Nasty and it looks like he made some friends on a trip to NOLA during Southern Decadence
Like I said, when we find one funnier, we replace it

Close up of English Mike and we can’t wait to replace this with a pic from his wedding next March! (existing member)
Here is one of my Legal Defense team members – el Diablo in the flesh! (existing member)

Here is a pic of my Financial Advisor and former neighbor (existing member)
Behind the Speedo you can see our favorite St Louis tavern owner putting back her bathing suit bottom with our Belizean fishing guide. Missy for some reason Felipe always asks me how you are doing? (existing member)
And Now to the New/Picture swap Members of the Wall of shame Fame

 Kind of a grainy picture of Pepe from Mexico but that is probably a good thing since he is trained to protect and serve
 Congrats to my fellow Chef/Celebrity Stalker Allison for making the wall and for not dry humping Anthony Bourdain last night!
 He whines like a little bitch when his picture is posted on Social Media so here is a big ole smiley face for a fellow neighbor and good friend of ours
 Here is one half of the owners of our friends who happen to own a B&B down on that shitty little island that we call our second home.
(Note – she actually has never visited Bar 595 but this picture just makes me smile so down came a pic of the Sopranos with the agreement that she and our friends will come visit us)
And that’s it! Congrats to the newest members of the Wall of Shame and we look forward to sharing a cup of beer water with you in the future. And to our friends who are not enshrined on the wall, don’t worry your day/night is coming, just watch out for the flash!