Month: February 2013

The Trumpets go Raw for a 3 day Cleanse!

Yes you read that correctly, Carbunkle Trumpet and Mrs. Trumpet did a 3 day Detox Cleanse. The Tuesday after the Super Bowl marked our 6th anniversary of quitting smoking and dipping so to celebrate the event we decided to get things right with our bodies. Mrs Trumpet found this little nugget of information on what else…..Pintrest and since I haven’t done anything like this before I said why not.  Sorry but I won’t go into graphic detail of the results (I didn’t know I ate corn 20 years ago) but let me warn you now, juice detoxing is not for the everybody. I say this as I consider myself an accomplished chef short order cook but this isn’t a quick throw a meal together procedure. Add to that on my trip to 3 grocery stores and health food joints it ain’t cheap either! To make Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner it took us roughly 3.5 hours each night to make this crap and talk about a mess? I think I could have gutted a deer with less difficulty! 
After completing it I have to say that I was very tired after the experiment and if you can believe this, I didn’t become a raging asshole from not consuming my tried and true Diet Cokes. I am thinking that I will continue to not imbibe on the Diet Cokes as the headaches did go away after the 3rd day. Moving forward I plan on trying to eat better and pay attention to what I put into my pie hole as I don’t have any plans on doing this again anytime soon.

Here is the 3 day plan on one page, feel free to blow it up if you fancy a good poop!
This was probably the best meal of the day and it looked appetizing being that it was red
Not bad but you can really taste the Cucumbers and I am not a big fan of them
This was the least favorite meal and that little amount of Cayenne really brings some heat to your mouth
Seriously over $200.00 for groceries and I didn’t get one ounce of protein
Some of the fruits and veggies
Kale and Spinach – I never ate a garnish before
Wish that was the makings for a bloody mary and Dirty Banana instead
Had to go frozen since they are out of season
Missing some Coconut Leo right about now
Yeah Buddy, you will have to wait a couple more days till I have you
We borrowed AT’s juicer and used it the first day but since I am not a fan of Grit when I drink I opted for a combo Food Processor/Juicer method

See why it took so long and talk about a mess

Mis en place for one of the meals
Another one
Got Breakfast, lunch and snack taken care of
Seriously we used our dishwasher more those 3 days than we do in a week!
So all in all it wasn’t horrible and we are glad we did it but boy did that Soul Burger taste good on Friday night after drinking those ice cold beers!