Gettting that New Passport stamped up – Brussels

Back when Mrs Trumpet and I (who am I kidding, it was all Mrs Trumpet) started planning our 10 day European odyssey we knew we wanted to visit Paris. On the morning that I found out that Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation I mentioned that we may want to see if we could go to Rome for a couple days as we may be there during Conclave. Sadly we had already booked our Paris hotel and train tickets and couldn’t get out of them. Mrs Trumpet did some research and found that we could do a day in Brussels Belgium and from what I recall of Memphis in May, they are famous for Beer, chocolate and waffles so I said YES!  We left our original group of 9 in London and ventured to the train station to head to Brussels via the high speed rail service.
First of all, I know know why Europeans think down of Americans; big gas guzzling cars, Natty Light Beer, the only rail service we have is the monorail at Disneyland and I get it. They really know how to move people over there across the pond and they do it very well! We both were very impressed with the ease of travel in Europe and I now know why so many of my friends who live over there don’t own cars. We arrived in Brussels around lunchtime and quickly found out that they don’t speak the language. You all know my man crush on Anthony Bourdian and we found out that it is sometimes good to immerse yourself into the unknown and travel to places off the grid. This was very evident as Mrs Trumpet and I walked for about an hour and a half through the streets of Brussels lost as a goose. On a positive note, we found the middle Eastern section of Brussels and developed some good arm strength by dragging our carry on luggage through the streets.
Finally we found a pub and decided to have a couple beers and asked directions to our hotel. Eventually we found our hotel/condotel and did some much needed laundry. You see we did this whole trip by carry on luggage and now that I think of it, I am glad we did because it would have been a bitch navigating the Tube, Train and streets with big luggage. After some wine and beers we ventured off to see the “Graceland” of Brussels and grabbed a couple nick nacks of the “Mannequin Piss” for our friends. Sadly we didn’t have much time to see any other sights in Belgium but we enjoyed it. We did find out that sadly Brussels doesn’t get up early like London and France does as we got shut out on getting some Belgium waffles. Oh well there is always IHop.
Heading to the Train to Belgium 

Did I mention we liked the beer?

Every time you order a pint of beer they bring you a small bowl of pretzels. Guess they don’t want you to starve as you are getting your swerve on. As Richard E would say “They gave us Buzz-Busters”
 From our vantage point on the Street side cafe

Forgot they serve Stella Artois here – And it is good!
Mrs Trumpet hit the Condotel jackpot with this place, it was great!

Brussels at night

My Cigar/Beer Store that I became good friends with the owner
Yep there he is folks! The little boy peeing into the fountain.

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